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Popularizing Cancer Prevention Knowledge, Building Doctor-patient Communication platform

  In order to help community residents, cancer patients and their family know more about cancer prevention, treatment and daily care, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou held a health lecture on cancer prevention and demonstration wards of standardized cancer treatment on 9th floor meeting room in the afternoon of February, 25, 2013.

cancer, cancer knowledge

  The theme of the lecture is “Cancer, did you know?” and “Concerning about the fifth vital sign—pain”. With the continuous development of economy, the change of diet habit as well as environmental pollution and other factors, tumor incidence is rising in recent years. Therefore, to slow down cancer mortality and finally control it, we need to popularize the tumor prevention and control knowledge, guide the public concern about cancer and cancer patients and know the causes, prevention and treatment correctly, eliminate people’s mistaken awareness, clear their fear towards cancer treatment, advocate healthy lifestyles and remind them pay attention to early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, promote the standardized treatment which is scientific and reasonable to improve cancer patients’ quality of life.

  The chief of Nursing Department of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Ms. He Liangqiong and charge nurse Ms. Xiao Juan illustrated healthy lifestyles, early cancer screening, nursing and care knowledge on cancer pain which is the fifth vital sign, the influence of cancer pain and the treatment. There were Indonesian and English interpreters to interpret everything to overseas cancer patients and their family during the lecture. The audience was very attentive and got general awareness of cancer and the related knowledge.

  There were more than 50 people including community residents, cancer patients and their family joining in the lecture and all of them got an environment protecting gift and a community medical card. This lecture was very welcome by the listeners as it helped build a doctor-patient communication platform and improve popularity of cancer knowledge.

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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