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Exotic Festival--Keep Your Perfect Moment

Time flies! No one in the world could retain the fresh of life. However, there is a thing that can be preserved for ever. It records every expression on your face, including both of your happiness and sadness. It has accompanied your past like shadows. It is called photo.

On the evening of August 7, the “Photo Memories & Exotic Festival” held by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for recording the best images of overseas inpatients finally welcomed its grand award ceremony after public photo exhibition and open voting. The grand activity has lasted for more than one month and experienced 5 shootings. More than 40 overseas inpatiens as well as their relatives have taken an active part in this activity, and many of them even took out their best costume collections. In a most unique pose, they marked the most colorful moment in their life.  

Exotic Festival, photo memories, overseas patients

Marine Style Photo Wall

At around six o’clock, guests have already filled the Modern Café. They were very excited. Many of them arrived here in advance, looking forward to receiving their prizes. At 6:30 p.m., the award ceremony of the “Exotic Festival” officially started. 

The first prize went to Mr. Melchor Sitcharing, a lung cancer patient from the Philippines, with 37 votes won the highest popularity. It was interesting to see that his wife, who also took part in this activity, won the fourth prize with 20 votes. The couple garnered the “Best Popularity Award” as well as two fashionable suitcases.

Exotic Festival, photo memories, overseas patients

              Melchor Sitcharing from the Philippines won the first prize by playing a Chinese emperor

The second prize also went to a couple, Mrs. Wang Youhua and Mr. Chen Yongyuan, who have recently held their Han-style golden wedding anniversary in the hospital. With couple clothes in traditional Indonesian style, they won 28 votes. Mr. Chen Yongyuan also won the “Best Image Award”. When he was asked about the acceptance speech, he said: “To be the most desirable hospital of all patients is the goal of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.” This simple sentence exactly expressed his praise to the hospital’s considerate service for his wife with breast cancer.

Exotic Festival, photo memories, overseas patients

Guests were casting their sacred vote

The third prize went to Santomol from Thailand. The sweet smile in her photos attracted a lot of attention. The winner of fifth prize is Grac, a 4-year-old little girl from Laos, and the younger sister of our 9-year-old patient, Thipthida Xayasena. She was also the youngest contestant of this activity. Her innocent eyes, pink face, chubby and lovely body type won the heart of all audience on site.  

Exotic Festival, photo memories, overseas patients

The 4-year-old Laos girl--Grac

The activity has set up many awards, including 5 “Best Popularity Award”, 10 “Best Image Award”, 15 “Most Unique Award” as well as several “Participation Award”. All participants eventually won their own award and prize. After the ceremony, many patients commented that this was a very special and interesting activity. They said taking photos in their most nationally featured costumes can not only record their best moments in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, but also show the beauty of the traditional culture and costumes of their own country to others, helping them to gain a deep understanding, which was of great significance. 

Exotic Festival, photo memories, overseas patients

Group photo of patients and their relatives before the photo wall

Exotic Festival, photo memories, overseas patients

A contestant showed her prizes happily

Exotic Festival, photo memories, overseas patients

The Exotic Festival ended in all patients and relative’s smile

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