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New Technology, New Hope, Cancer Treatment Marching into An Era of 3D Printing

-MCHG successfully introduced 3D printing template assisted seed implantation

What is 3D printing template assisted seed implantation?

Prior to operation, a seed implantation plan is designed based on the required radiation dose of specific tumor. During the planning, an individualized directing template is made with 3D printing technology, with the guidance of which a simulation of I125 seed implantation is conducted to ensure the puncture preciseness in location, depth and seed distribution. Thus, compared with previous freehand puncturing, it technically and effectively avoided blind spots during the operation, improved the accuracy and thoroughness of operation and enhanced the efficacy of treatment.

 3D printing template assisted seed implantation, seed implantation, cancer treatment, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Directing template

3D printing template assisted seed implantation saved her life

Ms Wang is 73 years old and she suffered intermittent pain in right chest adjacent to armpit for over half a year. After thorough checkup in several local hospitals, she was diagnosed with left lung cancer T4N0MO stageⅢA. On account of her age, her families refused chemotherapy. In that helpless moment, a friend recommended MCHG to them as he learnt that MCHG had many cutting-edge technologies for cancer treatment. Therefore, she decided to grasp this opportunity and came to MCHG. After admission, MDT (multidisciplinary team) of MCHG had a thorough evaluation on her condition and tailored a treatment of 3D printing template assisted seed implantation. Her families adopted the suggestion after careful consideration.

 3D printing template assisted seed implantation, seed implantation, cancer treatment, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Get ready for puncturing with assistance of directing template

Step 1: During the week before the treatment, doctor performed a CT scan to Ms Wang to determine the puncture route accordingly and calculate seed quantity of each puncture probe based on prescribed dosage, and then print out the directing template with 3D printing technology, with the assistance of which the preciseness of puncturing can be improved.

Step 2: During the operation, as planned, doctor placed the sterilized 3D printed directing template on patient’s body, above the tumor location and under the projection. (Picture 2)

Step 3: The doctor confirmed that the template was fixed in accurate location under CT-Scans and then performed puncture through the prepared probe route.

Step 4: Channeled the seeds into probe route and calculate the dosage needed. Based on real-time plan, precisely counted the number of seeds for each probe and implanted the seeds into patient’s body.

Last step: Dosage verification was conducted after the treatment.

One month after the operation, Ms Wang’s physical condition and spirit status were obviously improved. Her chest pain disappeared and lung tumor was apparently shrunk according to a new CT scan.

 3D printing template assisted seed implantation, seed implantation, cancer treatment, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Implant the seeds into planned depth then perform another CT Scan. (On puncturing)

The advantages of 3D printing template assisted seed implantation:

Bai Haishan, the director of minimally invasive treatment department in MCHG, pointed out that as a brand new technology for cancer treatment, I125 seed implantation features strict requirements on dosage. The quantity of seeds implanted in tumor area has direct connection with the efficacy and an accurate plan is the key to successful operation. In order to realize precise distribution of seed dosage, MCHG kept in step with science and technology development and timely introduced 3D printing technology to improve the preciseness of cancer treatment, which strengthened patient’s hope and confidence during the treatment process.

3D printing template assisted seed implantation has six advantages over traditional surgery:

1.More flexible- the probe can be placed in any angle, avoiding veins, intestine and bone, with dosage as required.

2.Cover every inch of targeted area- Because of the flexible puncture location and angle, the operation won’t miss out any tumor spot.

3.Short time- it’s easy and timesaving to fix the template, which greatly shortens the time for CT Scans and puncture.

4.More accurate- puncture is performed via preset route on the template, thus, it greatly improve the preciseness of puncturing.

5.Lower risk- As operation preciseness is greatly improved, several probes can be placed at the same time, thus avoids repeating probe location, lowers the risk of operation and reduces CT scan performances, hence decreases radiation to patient’s body.

6.More scientific-Seeds are implanted as planned both in location and dosage.

The successful operation of seed implantation with the assistance of 3D printed template marked radioactive seed implantation had marched into a new era of accurate treatment.

In addition, the introduction of 3D printing template assisted seed implantation also indicated that MCHG keeps close pace with the times in cancer treatment.

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*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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