"Come-Home Gala Of Anti-Cancer Stars In Belt And Road Holistic Integrated Oncology Medical Training Base (Guangdong)"Activity Held Greatly In St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital

On November 15, “Belt and Road” Holistic Integrative Oncology Training Base (Guangdong) of China Anti-Cancer Association-St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou held a grand event with the theme of “Long Road of Fighting Cancer, Warm Feeling of Modern Love”. The activity was organized by nearly 10 anti-cancer star volunteers from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos and other countries who returned to the hospital to relive the road of fighting against cancer, share the journey of fighting against cancer and spread the positive energy of fighting against cancer. More than 100 anti-cancer science volunteers, medical expert groups and media reporter groups from Thailand and Laos; hospital director Wang Huaizhong, director of hospital office Yang Jinna, director of international affairs He Langbing, chief expert of the hospital Song Shijun, director of the ward Ma Xiaoying and other hospital leaders attended the event.

President’s Speech: Love without borders, medicine without borders

Wang Huaizhong, President of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, expressed his heartfelt happiness for the “homecoming” of the anti-cancer star volunteers, and said in his speech: Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, established for more than ten years, has been adhering to the medical concept of “love without borders, medicine without borders”. It has admitted and treated about 50,000 patients from Southeast Asian countries and united the society and forces at home and abroad to carry out public welfare activities of cancer prevention and fight against cancer for a long time, making positive efforts for the cause of fighting against cancer and for the health of cancer patients.

The main purpose of this gracious invitation to anti-cancer star volunteers to return to the hospital for exchange and sharing is to unite all anti-cancer forces, so that cancer patients can be united, encourage each other and be optimistic in fighting cancer. Let more cancer patients establish confidence in fighting cancer, so as to achieve the goal of improving the quality of patients’ survival and prolonging the survival period. In addition, we also expressed our gratitude to the anti-cancer star volunteers for their contribution in the nearly 100 anti-cancer popularization activities held by the “base” this year, and congratulated them for being awarded as “excellent anti-cancer volunteers”. Finally, we wish every patient a strong fight against cancer and a bright future. We also hope that people from all walks of life will actively join in the public welfare activities to prevent and fight against cancer, and bring more help and support to cancer patients.

Anti-Cancer Stars Sharing: Embracing Health, Regaining New Life

At the event, the anti-cancer star volunteers shared their heartfelt stories of fighting cancer and their joy of overcoming cancer and living a healthy life. Their style of cherishing life and self-improvement convinced the audience, who were deeply touched by their experiences, bringing courage to cancer patients and conveying the belief and strength in fighting cancer.

Group Photo of Anti-Cancer Star Volunteers

Anti-Cancer Star Volunteers Embracing with Doctors

Among them, Ms. F, an Indonesian star volunteer in the fight against cancer, made a pictorial of her experience in the fight against cancer and presented it to the hospital, and presented her achievement of participating in the 42-kilometer marathon in the Himalayas to the doctors and nurses to thank them for their careful care. She said, “It is the hospital, the doctors and nurses who have given me a new life and a different meaning to my life, and I hope that other patients will regain their health and live a different life here.”

Ms. F, Anti-Cancer Star Volunteer

Anti-Cancer Star Volunteers Stories Shared

Below are some of the stories of the fight against cancer, please stay tuned for the follow-up sharing for more

[01 Mr. Pai's Cancer Fighting Story]

Mr. Pai Laryngeal Cancer Anti-Cancer Star

He has been living a healthy life for 9 years

He was once about living on the edge between life and death, and the optimistic man who tenaciously overcame cancer said, “I had planned for the worst, but this place has done wonders for me. I ask my fellow patients to believe that miracles can happen to you too.”

Pre-treatment photos

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[02 Ms. Chen’s Cancer Fighting Story]

Ms. Chen Malaysia Parotid Cancer Anti-Cancer Star

Has been living a healthy life for 8 years

She once almost cut off her eyeballs because of a tumor, but she didn't run away from her destiny and came to China alone across the ocean for treatment. She said, "I am grateful to Modern Hospital for helping me save my eyes. I will pass on this love and encourage more cancer patients."

Pre-treatment photos

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[03 Mr. Nguyen's Cancer Fighting Story]
Mr. Nguyen Vietnam Stomach Cancer Anti-Cancer Star
Has lived a healthy life for 7 years
He once had 3/4 of his stomach removed, lost more than ten pounds, had pain and despair in the late stage of stomach cancer. He said, "I am very lucky that my family didn't give up on me when I was in despair, and the doctors of Modern Hospital have always given me courage to face cancer, I hope my patients also have courage, and there are doctors with excellent medical skills in Modern Hospital to help us"

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[04 Ms. Luo's Cancer Fighting Story]
Ms. Luo Indonesian Breast Cancer Anti-Cancer Star
Has been living a healthy life for 9 years
After suffering from cancer, she has been positive and optimistic. She loves to laugh and often brings joy to other patients during her treatment, and her smile infects many people. During her treatment, she often traveled around the world. She said, "Cancer is not equal to death, and our lives can still be wonderful! Go patients!"

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Their stories encourage one tumor patient after another, even if you have cancer, you can still be a survivor, with faith in your heart, and born to the sun.

In order to let more patients see hope and regain confidence, and in order to thank the anti-cancer star volunteers for their support and positive contribution to the “Belt and Road” Holistic Integrative Oncology Training Base (Guangdong) of China Anti-Cancer Association-St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, leaders of our hospital presented them with the honorary certificates of "Excellent anti-cancer volunteers"! It is hoped that they can devote themselves to the public welfare cause of fighting cancer as always, and help more cancer patients to regain confidence in fighting cancer and face life positively and optimistically with their own experience.

Optimism: The cause of fighting cancer is always on the road

At the end of the activity, the anti-cancer star volunteers and hospital leaders cut the cake symbolizing rebirth. It is hoped that every patient can gain strength from the anti-cancer star volunteers, and like the anti-cancer stars, regain a new life and run towards a better life!

In addition, during this back-to-base activity, the anti-cancer star volunteers also had a wonderful trip to Guangzhou. They cruised the Pearl River at night to experience the prosperity of the modern city and traveled together to the Bao Mo Yuan to see the profoundness of Chinese culture. There were no traces of cancer on them at all, instead, they showed their optimistic spirit of positively treating life and encouraged other cancer patients that life can be just as wonderful even if they have cancer.

Anti-Cancer Star Volunteer Tour in Guangzhou

In the future, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will shoulder the responsibility of "Belt and Road" training base, and the responsibility of publicizing cancer prevention and anti-cancer science and education to the society and overseas countries, and spreading the new tumor technology and new concepts. The hospital will carry out more similar public welfare activities, set up more anti-cancer models and role models, help more patients to build up confidence in fighting cancer, and the hospital will, as always, provide the most cutting-edge medical technology and the best medical services to treat everyone, and continue to strive to escort the health of all cancer patients!

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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