Minimally invasive technology: A bridge of life in cancer patients' stories

Data of the Phillipines

In the Phillipines, hospitals usually adopt a series of traditional medical technologies for tumor treatment such as surgery, electrotherapy and chemotherapy, etc. Don't the cancer patients have other treatment options? No! The 18 minimally invasive treatment technologies such as Interventional Therapy, Combined Knife, Particle Plantation, Nano Knife, etc can provide more options for cancer patients in middle and advanced stage who are reluctant to or unable to take surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Can the minimally invasive comprehensive treatment really extend the survival period of cancer patients and improve their life quality? Let's hear the stories of below cancer patients with middle or advanced cancer who have already received the minimally invasive comprehensive therapies before.

Venus Bernaldez

Venus Bernaldez, 54, from the Philippines, found her right nipple depressed in 2018 but did not think it was a major development and did not go to the hospital for treatment. In December 2020, she discovered a hemorrhage in her right nipple but did not care about it. As time grew, the right breast lesions expanded and the haemorrhage increased. As a result, she was diagnosed with invasive catheter cancer at a local hospital in July 2023.

When faced with the traditional chemoradiotherapy regimen proposed by the local doctors, she resolutely refused it after much deliberation. Traditional treatments can be very damaging to a person's body, bringing with them a series of side effects such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, anemia and weakness, decreased immunity, and may even cause irreparable damage to other organs, which will have a great impact on Venus' life later on.

In December 2023, Venus suffered an accidental fall that resulted in a fracture of her left wrist, which not only caused her physical pain but also made it extremely difficult to clean the wound on her right breast. Watching his wife in pain and helplessness, Venus's husband was heartbroken. He started to look for minimally invasive treatment for breast cancer on the internet, hoping to find a ray of hope for his wife. St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou caught his attention, after reading the 18 minimally invasive treatment techniques on the official website of the hospital, he thought it was very suitable for his wife.

They conducted telemedicine consultations through the Manila International Service Center. During the consultation, the director explained the interventional therapy and the benefits to Venus. Interventional therapy is guided by medical imaging equipment, the drug is injected directly into the tumor through a 1-2mm incision. Drug concentrations are 2-8 times higher than chemotherapy drugs, which can kill cancer cells more effectively. It has the advantages of small trauma, quick recovery, fewer side effects, without the fear of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, and does not cause damage to other organs, which can greatly alleviate Venus's concerns about traditional side effects.

"After the first interventional therapy, the doctor said that my tumor was effectively controlled, and compared to the first admission checkup, the tumor had shrunk significantly, from the original 8.5x3.2cm to 7.9x2cm," said Venus with a joyful smile on her face, as she excitedly shared that after undergoing the treatment, she hardly ever felt any discomfort, as if the whole treatment was just a relaxing dream. When she woke up, the treatment was over without a trace, she had no dizziness, nausea, or vomiting, and her daily life was not affected in any way.

Venus want to say to those patients who were especially in need, “I want to say to those who, like me, are fighting cancer, Even if you're in a bad situation, don't give up the opportunity to find alternative treatments. Everyone's physical condition is different, one therapy is not suitable does not mean that other therapies are not suitable, do your best to find the right treatment for you, and in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, you can find the right therapy for you to beat cancer!"


MIMIE ABUTIN, from the Philippines, enjoyed her simple, peaceful and happy life before 52 years old. With a good husband who loved her deeply, filial children, and lovely grandchildren, she was proud of her warm and happy family.

In February, 2015, MIMIE occasionally found a 2cm lump with size of 2cm in her right breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer by the local doctor. On hearing this news, she was depressed, desperate and scared. After encouraged and soothed by her family, she became strong and accepted the fact bravely.

The local doctor advised her to take mastectomy and chemotherapy. However, considering the pain of chemotherapy, MIMIE refused it. And then, the doctor recommended her Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou because of its minimally invasive therapy which has advantages of smaller trauma, less pain etc. Meanwhile, her neighbor who got the same cancer and had received treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou with good therapeutic effect also recommended her the hospital. So, she decided to go to Guangzhou for treatment.

On March 17, 2015, MIMIE and her husband came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for the first time. After a series of checks, MIMIE was told that the tumor had grown to 3cm. Professional MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) made a plan of biological immunotherapy and interventional therapy. But, MIMIE felt worried and was afraid of treatment failure. With doctor’s detailed explanation and encouragement, MIMIE finally got the courage to take the treatment. After a session of biological immunotherapy and two sessions of interventional therapies, the tumor shrank to 1.03cm quickly. Knowing that, MIMIE became confident about the next treatment.

MIMIE and her husband spoke highly of the technology of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Her husband said, “The technology here is advanced. In Philippines, the hospital may have the same procedures like this, but Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is more advanced and high-tech.”

Susan Gawat

 Susan Gawat, 58 years old, from the Philippines.In August, 2014, she suddenly found a lump in her left breast, and she went for check-up in the hospital where she worked. she was diagnosed with left breast cancer. At that moment, she thought her world completely collapsed. But, her families, friends, colleagues supported and encouraged her to fight against cancer. she began to fight, and in September, she received mastectomy in the Philippines. In order to prevent cancer metastasis, she took both breasts away. After the surgery, she got 4 sessions of intravenous chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, cancer returned in July, 2015. she got pneumonia and coughed for a long time, which could not be alleviated by drugs. Her doctor advised her to take CT scan and X-ray, from which she was diagnosed with lung and liver metastasis. There were small nodules in her lungs and liver, which meant that the cancer recurred. she felt very sad again and cried, so did her families. Her doctor in the Philippines also suggested her taking chemotherapy. But her daughter found Modern Cancer Hospital and minimally invasive therapy with few side effects.

Her daughter remembered the hospital that she read in the magazine. And then she searched a lot about Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. When she knowing interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy, she said, “Mama, we are going to China for treatment. There are no interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy in the Philippines, but only surgery and chemotherapy.” Later, they went to Manila office to consult.

In September, 2015, she arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital with her daughter. Professional medical team made a specific treatment plan for her immediately, and suggested her taking interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy. During the first treatment time, she got two sessions of interventional therapy and one session of biological immunotherapy. As she finished my first intervention, she got poor appetite, but three days later, it became normal. And she felt comfortable for the second intervention. What’s more, she felt much better after taking immunotherapy without any side effects. Whereas, the intravenous chemotherapy that she received in the Philippines before had many side effects, such as sore throat, infection, hair loss etc. After one month, when she went back to her workplace to ask for leave, her colleagues and friends said, “You feel much better than before. You don’t look like you are sick.” This is the second time she came for the third session of interventional therapy. she was so happy that her condition has improved a lot and all the indexes have become normal.

She said: “Thank the lord for guiding me to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Cancer is a trail of my life. I must fight against it and never give up. Everything will become better only we trust the doctor and the treatment.”

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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