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About VIP Free Breakfast and Afternoon Tea

1. Delivery time: breakfast 7:00-7:30; afternoon tea 15:30-16:00

2. If patient goes out (not going out for examinations) and nobody in the ward, the food or tea will not deliver at that moment. When patient or the family members come back, if need breakfast or afternoon tea, please tell the nurse and they will inform our staff to deliver it again.

3. Two breakfasts and two afternoon teas will be sent to each VIP ward.

4. One hour after the delivery, our care worker will come and collect the table set so that can ensure an immediate cleaning and sterilizing.

5. The table set is not part of our free offer, so, if it is broken by purpose, compensation will be charged; but if you want to have it for self-use, please contact with the nurse station, and charges will be required according to its price.

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