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About Phone and Network

1. Mobile phone: mobile phone number is available for everyone living in Guangzhou no matter natives or foreigners. Buying a Chinese mobile phone  number can help you close to your family members by the convenient communication. The economical way of international call: for China Mobile, 17951 + 0062 + local phone number; for China Unicom, 17911 + 0062 + local phone number.

2. Telephone: each ward is equipped by extension telephone; and the extension number is written on the phone. Through the extension, you can make free calls inside the hospital. If you want to dial phones outside the hospital (Guangzhou city only), you can apply to the head nurse; and the charge is billed according to communication time. Charge standard: 0.2¥/minute. You also can buy IP card to make phone calls much more economic.

3. Network:Broad band network is available even at general ward; if you have portable computer, our engineer can help you access to internet. And, our hospital will afford the network charges.What's more, computer is equipped in our VIP ward, of which the internet has already linked; you can surf at the internet whenever you want; meanwhile, our hospital will afford the network charges.

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