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Instruction of Medical Items

  When visits the hospital, reception personnel should take the patient to prearranged inpatient area. He/she can choose from various classes of wards, where the hospital provides part of daily necessities. After the ward is decided, reception personnel should take his/her family members (or him/her) to check in for admission on the first floor.

  After admission, the nurse of inpatient area will go to the patient's ward and introduce him/her the hospital briefly. Then the doctor will take a ward inspection to inquire about patient's disease condition and give him/her a physical examination, and some necessary tests such as blood test, etc. Meanwhile, doctor will inform patient about the test items, the time and the matters needing attention.

  The doctor in Modern hospital makes the clinical rounds to the wards every morning. Doctor will see the patient in the ward and inquire about the disease conditions. For other time, the doctor will see the patient when needed. The patient can ask the doctor for a ward inspection in any time in any particular situation. The patient can consult the doctor about any information of the disease and treatment during ward inspection.

  Every patient is under the charge of tumor center director, inpatient area director, and resident physician, who are responsible for the patient and the whole process of treatment. If you have any question about the disease and treatment, do not hesitate to consult them for final answer. Also, they are pleased to give you a detailed answer. Other doctors may not fully understand your situation so their answers may be not that exact.

  After the results of all the relevant examinations for newly admitted patients coming out, tumor center director will organize relevant experts for ward inspection, consultation, and discussion to work out the best treatment plan. After that, physician in charge will present the patient or his/her family members with treatment plan, treatment schedule, and treatment costs.

  Doctors in Tumor Centre of Modern Hospital are on duty no matter day or night. If any emergency occurs, patient can find the doctor by himself (or through the nurse) to get help.

  Modern Hospital specializes in providing comprehensive cancer treatment. A treatment plan can involve several therapeutic regimens. Each treatment bears not only special medical effect, but also side effect; so before each treatment is performed, your physician in charge will explain the treatment to you in great details and get your understanding and permission.

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