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Bo Ai Medical Group

  China Boai Medical Group was founded in 1989, is a large-scale modern group whose leading industries include medical investment, hospital management and clinical care services, also the largest Medical Investment Group in China. China Boai Medical Group not only owns worldwide 14 regions and over hundreds of medical institutions like Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital, Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital, and Changsha Yangguang Hospital, but also has the first Chinese Medical Portals Website – www.ewsos.com. The Group employs a total of tens of thousands of people, and has been among the global top100 medical groups.

  Boai Medical Group lives up to the motto of "endless view, limitless wisdom, boundless mind” and takes the divine mission of “being the founder of the world's largest medical Enterprise Group to devote most satisfied medical services for human-beings". The Group has been devoting continuous effects towards this goal. The Group combines frontier, experience and humanity of medicine together, brings together both abroad and domestic medical talents, introduces worldwide first-class technologies and equipments to carry out various kinds of special medical service projects and actively participate in academic exchanges with WHO, domestic and foreign well-known hospitals, research institutes and institutions of higher learning, etc.

  In addition, the Group also continues to strengthen the integration of superior resources from all the parties to actively expand in the treatment of neoplastic diseases, medical science and technology research projects and international medical cooperation in related fields, and has made remarkable achievements.

  In recent years, with international outlook, China Boai Group has been actively exploiting the overseas market, and has set up medical care institutions successively in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Cambodia. This largely enhances medical academic exchange and helps to treat diseases for local people, which makes Boai Group quite influential overseas.

  China Boai Medical Group believes that we should not just save lives, but also stand on a higher perspective to spread more health-related knowledge to people. What’s more, the whole process of Boai Medical Services shall reflect the human spirits of respecting patients, caring about patients, providing conveniences for patients and serving patients. China Boai Medical Group is convinced that only by constantly moving forward, the Group can continue to grow, tens of thousands of medical elites will unite the Group together to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

  Major Events of China Boai Medical Group:

  (Between 1995 and 2000)

  In August of 1995, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital was founded;

  In October of 1996, Boai Group was founded;

  In November of 1996, Boai Group took over and hosted Yishou Hospital Guangzhou;

  In December of 1996, Boai Group (Guangzhou region) invested to set up Changan Hospital Guangzhou;

  In February of 1997, Health Bureau determined the Shenzhen Humanity Hospital as" Cooperative unit of Shenzhen Health Education Institute";

  In November of 1997, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital was the pioneer for a private enterprise to undertake health education Radio and television;

  In November of 1998, Bo Ai Group marked into Shanghai region by the establishment of Shanghai Ren-ai Hospital;

  In December of 1999, Boai Group (Hangzhou region) - Hangzhou Bo'ai hospital officially opened;

  In May of 2000, Boai Group took over and hosted Fifth People's Hospital of Nanchang and the Hospital was officially opened;

  In July of 2000, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital introduced comprehensively ISO9000 international quality management system;

  (Between 2001 and 2005)

  In October of 2001, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital was rewarded by China Hospital Management Society with "the Hospital that can assure the whole national people”;

  In April of 2002, Boai Group (Shenzhen region) - Shenzhen Shuguang Hospital was officially opened;

  In November of 2002, Boai Group (Shanghai region) - Shenzhen Hoosen EENT&Stomatology Hospital was officially opened;

  In March of 2003, Boai Group opened up Hunan market and invested Changsha Yangguang Hospital;

  In July of 2003, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital was appraised by Shenzhen CC, Shenzhen Business Newspaper and other units as "The enterprise gaining good faith inside of millions of citizens”;

  In December of 2004, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital cooperated with Shenzhen Research Institute of City University of Hong Kong to construct clinical experimental base;

  In March of 2005, Boai Group (Shenzhen region) successfully purchased Shenzhen Far East Grand Hotel and prepared to construct Shenzhen Far East Obstetric Hospital;

  In June of 2005, Boai Group (Shenzhen region) invested to construct Modern Hospital Guangzhou;

  In July of 2005, Boai Group (Shanghai region) - Shanghai Tianda Medical Beauty Hospital was officially opened;

  In December of 2005, Shenzhen Wuzhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital invested by Boai Group (Shengzhen region) - was officially opened;

  (Between 2006 and 2010)

  In October of 2006, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital was rewarded by Shenzhen Quality Association, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Shenzhen Newspaper Group as "Shenzhen Star Service unit"

  During December of 2003 to October of 2006, Boai Group held three sessions of" Boai? Shenzhou Heart–to-Heart" of public relations activities, and performed Must childe laser surgeries for more than 50 technologic heroes of Shenzhou V and VI;

  In June of 2007, Boai Group (Shanghai region) - Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital was officially opened;

  In September of 2008, Boai Group (Shenzhen region) prepared to construct Yuanda Hospital for Intestine Disease Shenzhen;

  In July of 2009, Boai Group (Shenzhen region) - Shenzhen Far East Obstetric Hospital was officially opened;

  In March of 2010, Changan Hospital Guangzhou was rewarded by China Population Association with the certificate" China infertility clinic training base";

  In December of 2010, Changan Hospital Guangzhou became the member unit of Red Cross of Tianhe District in Guangzhou City;

  In 2010, Yishou Hospital Guangzhou was awarded with the highest award of national andrology "top ten andrology clinics base" and " the hospital that most internet users trust ";

  In 2011

  In March of 2011, Philippines overseas office of Modern Hospital Guangzhou was officially opened; Manila Mayor Alfredo in his office met the chairman of the board of director of China Boai Group- Lin Zhicheng and his entourages;

  In June of 2011, Changan Hospital Guangzhou was rewarded with the honor of “During the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC, Chinese well-known infertility special hospital”;

  In August of 2011, Modern Hospital Guangzhou"Boai- Modern Charity Foundation" was formally set up to aid overseas tumor patients;

  In September of 2011, Modern Hospital Guangzhou held CMITO and Southeast Asian Oncology Forum;

  In November of 2011, Chairman of Boai Group – Lin Zhicheng was rated as member of the seventh CPPCC Standing Committee of Tianhe District;

  In 2011, Yishou Hospital Guangzhou was in hand with " Lucky Guangdong" and approved to be "the designated new rural cooperative institution in Guangzhou city", and won the" China Population Association- cooperated infertility hospital" and" national most popular andrology hospital";

  In 2011, Maria Hospital Panyu won several honors like “Member Unit of Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association of Panyu District in Guangzhou City”, “Guangdong Provincial Anorectal-Specialized Hospital”, “China-Japan Friendship Hospital Anorectal Angle Therapy Center - Guangdong Collaborative Clinical Hospital”, “National Top 10 Andrology Special Hospital ” and so on;

  In 2011, Internaltional Investment Department of Boai Group was set up and officially constructed Vietnam hospital.

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