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Never Ever Gone Away for 50 Years

In 1958, when Chen Yongyuan was still a PE teacher, he met Wang Youhua, a beautiful girl who was a basketball player in East Java. He paid great attention to the girl, but it was not until 1964 that he wrote a letter to express his deep feeling to her, even though they have stayed in close touch for many years. Soon, the two young people fell madly in love. But Chen was from a poor family, and what’s worse, he lost his job 4 years after their marriage due to political situation. Encouraged by Wang Youhua, Chen Yongyuan started to do business. The political situation at that time was not so stable, but no matter how hard it was, the young couple would support each other and made it through. In the most difficult days, Wang Youhua bore the hardship without complaint. She was always there to accompany her dear husband, taking care of the family, so that he could spare no effort in his career.

Both Integrative Treatment and Humanistic Care

In 2011, Wang Youhua and Chen Yongyuan came to Guangzhou for Canton Fair. Because of constant diarrhea, she went to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for a physical examination, by which she was told that there was malignant tumor in her right breast, which was stageⅡ breast cancer. Upon receiving this news, Wang Youhua was quite depressed. But soon, she got herself adjusted and decided to stay at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for treatment. She believed the advanced medical technologies in the hospital could help her fight the cancer. Meanwhile, she was satisfied with hospital’s considerate and comfortable service.

On November 9th, the fourth day after the examination, Wang Youhua received a modified radical mastectomy on her right breast. After the surgery, however, her diarrhea became more serious, which increased to 10-20 times a day. She took many medicines, but there was no improvement. After a consultation, the doctors focused their eyes on the traditional Chinese medicine. They used the mixture of fired flour and Western medicine to treat Wang’s diarrhea. Their brilliant work was well paid. As soon as Wang Youhua took the medicine, her diarrhea improved a lot. Some days later, Wang’s diarrhea disappeared, and she gradually gained some weight under the care and encouragement of the medical staffs. She gained about 4kg when she discharged from the hospital on December.

On December 2012, Wang Youhua came back to the hospital for a follow-up check. PET/CT scan showed there was no evident abnormality. Each time when she came back to the hospital, Wang would take a biological immunotherapy. Biological immunotherapy needs to draw blood to cultivation, which usually takes more than 10 days. At that time, the couple who are fond of traveling would take that chance to visit some places in China. On June 2012, they returned to Guangzhou after the journey from Sinkiang to Inner Mongolia. Wang Youhua said excitedly: "Nobody noticed that I was a cancer patient during the journey. Nobody. Every year we went to China twice. The beautiful nature here makes me feel so good. And my body, I think the good mood is also good for my health. The doctor tells me that if there is no tumor recurred in 5 years, I will not have to worry about my cancer any more. And I have that confidence in myself." Travelling all around China was a dream of the couple. As decedents of Chinese, they called the travel as "A Journey to Find the Root". Mr. Peng Xiaochi, the Director of Oncology Chief Physician, was affirmative to their arrangement. Travel can console the patient mentally, which can be called as psychotherapy. It is also a way to fight cancer by humanistic care.

So far, there was no tumor recurred in Wang Youhua’s body. PET/CT scans also showed no apparent abnormality.

It Will Be Forever with Happiness

Two weeks ago, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was informed that this year was the 50th anniversary of the couple’s marriage. Since it happens to be the time for Wang Youhua to come back for a return visit, medical staffs in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou decided to prepare a unique Chinese-style golden wedding ceremony for the old couple and sent them our best wishes.

On the morning of July 31st, a special Chinese-style wedding was held for Wang Youhua and Chen Yongyuan in a well-decorated VIP suite on the 4th floor in the hospital. When the hostess asked the couple what was the secret to maintain a happy marriage, Chen Yongyuan said: "Because we trust each other, and we support each other. There are understanding, tolerance and patience between us." "He is never niggardly to show his love to me. Although it doesn't happen everyday, he shows his love whenever there is a chance. He is a good husband. I love him and we will always be together." said Wang Youhua affectionately.

Smiling at her dear husband, Wang Youhua couldn’t help weeping tears of happiness on the site. We luckily recorded this moment and wish them a happy marriage forever.

Integrative Cancer Treatment

Brings Them a Happy Golden Wedding Day

On July 31st, 2014, a special Chinese-style wedding ceremony was held for Wang Youhua and Chen Yongyuan in front of their relatives and a group of medical staffs in a well-decorated ward. Today was the Golden Wedding Day of the old couple. All things went well, and there were happy laughter and cheers everywhere. It was hard for all people on site to believe that the 74-year-old lady with happy smile on her face was a breast cancer patient.

When we asked about Ms. Wang Youhua, Mr. Peng Xiaochi, the Director of Oncology Chief Physician, couldn’t help praising this old lady: "She is one of our anti-cancer ambassadors. She has set a good example to all cancer patients.”

Face Cancer

--Stay Positive and Keep Calm

Soon, Wang Youhua admitted to the hospital and the modified radical mastectomy on her right breast was quite successful. Although suffered from constant diarrhea, her body recovered very fast. The good physical constitution and regular exercise helped her a lot. After that she kept a regular check every 6 months or once a year, with all results showed there were no abnormity. According to experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, when coping with breast cancer, one should keep a healthy life style as well as a positive attitude.

1. Keep a good mood. Bad mood will affect many systems in human body. Don’t be panic when facing cancer. Stay positive and be happy. Learn to face up cancer with a positive attitude and dealing with your stress.

2. Keep regular exercise. Spend half an hour to do exercise every day, such as a walk, jogging, swimming, riding or dancing. Endorphins released in your body during the exercise will make you feel happy, which is good for your health.

3. Watch your weight. Eat a balanced diet to control your body weight. Everyday you should eat at least 500g of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well s 8-10 cups of water. Avoid eating salty foods or smoked foods. Limit your intake of red meats such as beef or mutton. Drink less and replenish your Vitamin D.

Interventional Therapy

--The Proper Treatment to Choose

At the end of 2011, Wang Youhua did a physical examination in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and the result showed that there were malignant tumors in her right breast. Then she remembered that more than ten years ago, her sister-in-law had a resection of breast cancer in a hospital in Guangzhou, but the effect turned out to be very bad. When she found that the interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy provided by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would have little trauma and the recovery would be very fast, she understood that it was a right choice for her.

On November 9th, 2011, Wang Youhua received her modified radical mastectomy. Then on November 22nd, she received her first minimally invasive therapy. This operation was very successful and the patient did not feel much pain during the treatment. According to the treatment plan established early, she had her second interventional therapy when she came back to the hospital for a follow-up check. "I have seen many reports about cancer treatment. I know minimally invasive therapy is an advanced cancer treatment. It is very good for the recovery of all cancer patients.” said Wang Youhua.

Biological Immunotherapy

--Support a Healthy Future

Having follow-up check is a good way to prevent the metastases of breast cancer. Wang Youhua believed that if she can insist on doing recheck, biological immunotherapy as well as regular exercise every day, her cancer will not have a big effect on her health. "Now she walks lightly like a young woman.” said her doctor Hu Ying.

At present, Wang Youhua just needs to do recheck. On July 26th, she came back to the hospital accompanied by her husband for a follow-up check, and the result showed all things are normal. On July 31st, the old couple had their golden wedding day celebrated in a well-decorated ward on the 4th floor in the hospital. When they accepted the flowers from the medical staffs, they were so happy, with happy smiles on their faces. They then expressed their sincere thanks to the hospital, and to all medical staffs who contribute to them the most considerate services.

"Advanced technology would improve the immunity of the patients and save their life, but the courage for life should be created by both the medical staffs and the patients themselves. The rational and positive attitude of Wang Youhua towards cancer is worthy learning by all cancer patients. We wish her and her husband a happy golden wedding day, and wish all cancer patients follow her example, to love life, and to welcome new life with a positive attitude.” said Mr. Peng Xiaochi.

The death rate for breast cancer RANKS THE FIRST

among women malignant cancers around the world!

Breast cancer has already become the disease with its incidence ranks second among women’s malignant cancers around the world in recent years. Its mortality rate ranks the first, which severely threatens the life and health of all women. However, there is a very high cure rate of early breast cancer.

Then how should we diagnose breast cancer? It is suggested that women should go to hospital regularly for breast examination. Women at the age of 30 may have the test once every 1-2 year. Women over 40 years old are suggested to have the check once a year. And with the self-examination once a month, people can have an early detection of breast cancer.

Through physical examinations such as X-ray check, breast cancer can be detected early before a lump is touched. It is possible to have an early diagnosis of lumps less than 2cm in diameters. With early detection and early diagnosis, 96% of early-stage breast cancers can be cured.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Adult women should pay much attention to the lumps in their breast. Usually there will be only one lump in one breast, and it is rare to find multiple lesions in a breast. Cancerous tumors are movable in the breast in an early stage breast cancer, but they are less flexible than benign tumors. Once the cancerous tumors spread to the membrane or skin, their locations are fixed, and this is what we called advanced breast cancer.

Deficiency of traditional treatment:

Surgery can not kill cancer cells completely; neither can radiotherapy and chemotherapy which cause relapses

Breast cancer patients usually choose surgery to remove tumors. However, this practice is quite dangerous because it causes big surgical trauma, and it can not kill the cancer cells completely. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy may kill tumor effectively. However, there are so many side effects, and they not only kill cancer cells but kill normal cells, which create a favorable environment for cancer regrowth. This is also the reason why cancer is so easy to relapse or metastasize after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Interventional Therapy

Interventional Therapy is a new substitute of traditional chemotherapy, which means that a physician introduces instruments such as needles or catheters (long, thin tubes) into the body through tiny (1-2 mm) incisions...

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Local anaesthesia & small trauma

There is no need for general anesthesia of great risk. Generally, it only causes a very tiny trauma, which is less than 5mm. There is little damage to the patients’ body.

Strong repeatability & small side effect

Without limitation of the metabolic cycle of tumor cells, it can be done over and over again by staging to deal with the multiple and recurrent tumor nodules.

Strongly targeted & real-time efficacy evaluation

Precisely position, directly cut off the blood supply of tumor cells, starve the tumor cells to death, with less damage on normal tissues. Under the monitoring of modern imaging equipment (DSA), we can precisely evaluate the objective effect of interventional therapy timely and effectively.

Speedy recovery & significant effect

Generally, patient can resume normal activities 12 hours after operation and discharge from hospital after 3-7 days. Patients who have had interventional therapy will have extension of life and the quality of their life will be improved significantly.

Low cost

Compared with regular treatment of long treatment cycles and complex follow-up treatments, interventional therapy can help the patients save a lot of medical expense and shorten their treatment cycles.

Biological Immunotherapy

Biological therapy (also called Immunotherapy) uses the body's immune system to fight cancer. The cells, antibodies, and organs of the immune system work to protect and defend the body against foreign invaders, such as bacteria or viruses...

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Using patient’s own immunity to resist and combat against cancer cells completely without pain, relapse and metastasis

Immunotherapy is a therapy of using patient’s own immunity to resist and combat against cancer cell. The method has fundamentally solved the problems of traditional treatment which doesn’t kill cancer cells completely but causes great side effects.

The immune system of human body is just like a natural protective barrier which helps us defense against a whole host of diseases from outside. Our natural immunity is the bane of cancer cells. It is a good way to improve the patients’ immunity so as to achieve a good therapeutic effect in cancer treatment. By improving the patients’ immunity function, we can enhance their cancer-fighting abilities, thus achieving a green treatment.

Biological immunotherapy is practiced through autologous transfusion. It will not cause big trauma, neither will there be great side effects and pain. It can track cancer cells and kill them at any time. After the treatment, there will be great improvement in cancer, and the patients will also feel a physical restoration.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind you that psychological state of terminal cancer patients is the key to cancer treatment effect. Clinically, some patients do not coordinate the treatment or even refuse to accept any treatment due to excessive panic. As a result, they miss the best treatment opportunities and become sicker. Some patients are even frightened to death. Therefore, oncologists in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou carry out a mind-body therapy creatively to treat our cancer patients. Psychological treatment will help cancer patients stay positive, which is good for their cancer treatment.

Experts also remind you that if there is any problem with your health, please go to a regular hospital as soon as possible. Early detection will ensure a better prognosis.

To develop individualized treatment programs

based on the patient's condition

Post combined therapy for right breast carcinoma

Lymph node dissection, bio-immunotherapy

NG GIOK TJU 【Indonesia】
Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of right breast, stage IV

interventional therapy, cryotherapy, radiotherapy, particle knife

Right breast carcinoma , stage IV

interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy

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Breast Self-Exam
Please follow the steps below to check your breast.

1. Breast self-exam should be started from the age of twenty for once a month. Young women with benign breast tumor or diseases will also benefit from it;

2. Breast self-exam can be done in the shower, in front of a mirror or when you are lying flat;

3. The best time to do breast self-examination is after menstruation. If you feel there is a mass or other abnormality, you should contact your doctor for help as soon as possible. Women without family history of breast cancer should also pay great attention to it. According to statistics, 80% of the breast cancer patients do not have family history of breast cancer.

8 Health Tips Help You Stay Away from Breast Cancer

According to experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, the incidence of breast cancer can lower 40% if women can insist on a healthy lifestyle.

1. Stay away from high-fat and high calorie foods, and eat more dietary fiber

American scientists have discovered that dietary fiber can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Adult female should be sure to intake 25g of dietary fiber everyday.

2. Stay a healthy weight

National Cancer Institute pointed out that thin women are less likely to develop breast cancer. Staying a healthy weight can also help breast cancer patients improve therapeutic efficacy.

3. Exercise regularly

Experts recommend you to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. The more exercise, the better.

4. Limit alcohol intake

If you drink, never drink more than a cup a day. Beer intake should be limited to 340ml, and grape wine should be limited to 142ml.

5. Give birth at the right age

Later marriage and late childbirth will lead to imbalance of the hormone in women, which increases the risk of breast cancer.

6. Keep breastfeeding

According to experts from National Cancer Institute, there is obvious evidence that breast-fed babies have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. So, new mammy should insist on breastfeeding for at least six months.

7. Do no supplement oestrogen blindly

The incidence of breast cancer showed a sharply decline as women in America no longer supplement oestrogen blindly in recent years. Therefore, if there are no evident menopausal symptoms, don’t abuse the oestrogen.

8. Avoid unnecessary X-ray

American scientists have studied women with X-ray treatment for a long time. According to their researches, women who have received X-ray treatment are 4 times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who didn’t. Canadian scientists also find that people who have had chest X-ray due to tuberculosis in their childhood or young age might risk higher when they grow up. Scientists remind us to avoid X-ray examination or treatment in childhood as much as possible. This point for preventing breast cancer can not be ignored.

The 8 tips above are easy to do but not easy to insist on. We hope all female friends will pay much attention to them in daily life.