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World Cancer Day: Treating Cancer Easily Has Not Been a Dream Any More

Immunotherapy beats cancer successfully via improving patient’s autoimmunity

Cancer as a silent killer threatens people’s lives. People are scared of mentioning cancer due to its painful and tortured treatments, big trauma caused by cancer surgery, toxic side effects caused by conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Since the World Cancer Day is founded, people have declared a war to cancers. As the 15 years have passed, with the unremitting efforts of scientists cancer technologies have been updated. As the advanced cancer technologies, including natural therapy, minimally invasive therapy has been applied, dream of treating cancer easily has come true.

Immunotehrapy Helps USA President Defeat Cancer

On December 6th, 2015, James Earl Carter, as the former president and Nobel Prize winner, claimed that the cancer cells in his brain have disappeared. He was diagnosed with melanoma in advanced stage on August 20th. It is shocking that that his cancer cells have disappeared after several months.

As it is reported, it is immontherapy that helps Carter successfully defeat cancer. At the European Cancer Congress (ECC), the president of ECCO claimed that natural therapy is possible to thoroughly change the direction of cancer treatment. Immunotherapy is one of the latest minimally invasive treatments after precision medicine which was put forward by US President Obama.

Professor Peng Xiaochi from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou introduces that natural therapy is capable of enhancing and restoring the immune system so as to take effects on cancer treatment. Immunotherapy, which can effectively improve immunity, kill cancer cell, prevent from cancer reoccurrence or metastasis, has been evaluated as first ten in the scientific breakthroughs in Science. Immunotherapy is to“use their own cells to defeat diseases” and will not cause any rejection reaction or toxic side effects so it is also called “the least suffering” cancer treatment by cancer patients.

Minimally invasive treatment has the advantages of small trauma, few side effects, quick effect and brings obvious therapeutic effects to many cancer patients in middle or advanced stage. Aside from natural therapy, minimally invasive treatment also includes interventional therapy, cryotherapy, microwave ablation, 125I seed implantation, photon knife therapy, etc. Those treatments share the similarity that the drugs precisely target the tumor and bring good effects which can avoid causing side effects to the patients.

Indonesian cancer patient INDAHWATI JUTIAMI has easily defeated cancer. The photo shows that she and her husband had celebration of golden wedding at MCHG in 2014.

Minimally Invasive Therapy Creates a New Era for Cancer Treatment

Prof. Peng Xiaochi puts forward that at present, minimally invasive therapy has become the one of main cancer treatments in medical world. The aim of cancer treatment is not merely to guarantee life safety, but to further improve patients’ life quality. It is remarkable to make treatment become easy and rapid so as to let patients live with more dignity and respect.

Taking Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou as an example, it is one of the earliest hospitals that use minimally invasive therapy. So far, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has helped nearly 20,000 cancer patients by minimally invasive therapy with good effect. Various patients have gained clinically recovery after minimally invasive therapy, such as Indonesian breast cancer patient INDAHWATI JUTIAMI, who has not been detected cancer recurrence for 5 years with good condition until now after taking radical operation of right breast cancer, interventional therapy and natural therapy in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

There are various famous medical institutions begin to promote minimally invasive cancer treatment. For example, the natural therapy that was taken by Carter comes from famous Emory University Hospital, USA. More and more top oncologists in the world are engaging in anticancer minimally invasive therapy with idea that cancer treatment has entered a minimally invasive era.

Actually, as minimally invasive technique becomes mature gradually, it is extensively applied to treat cancer, getting cancer patients’ favors. As for middle and advanced cancer patients, traditional treatment brings unbearable harms and side effects a lot. Whereas, minimally invasive therapy treats cancer easily with advantages of small trauma, few side effects. It brings better efficacy without destroying cancer patients’ autoimmunity. Now, minimally invasive therapy creates various anticancer miracles, including the 91-year-old former president of U.S.A Jimmy Carter.

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