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Chen Bing
Position: Vice President
Title: Associate Chief Physician
Specialty: Minimally Invasive Targeted Therapy for Solid Tumors


Dr. Chen has very simple life experience. With noble medical merit, skilled medical techniques and pragmatic actions, he is promoted step by step from ordinary doctor to administrator and from head of the department to vice president of the hospital. From the very first day when he entered the hospital, he has determined to devote himself to the noble medical course. He is fulfilling his life value with plain words and deeds. He has wholeheartedly worked for medical and health course for decades as if it were one day. Working steadily, he is performing the duties of a doctor and devoting his youth and intelligence to patient’s health.

Education Background

1978-1983 Tongji Medical University in Wuhan

1991-1992 Hubei People’s Hospital

Medical Experience

As early as in 1997, Chen Bing has been working as leader of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and taken up the business of vice president. He is in charge of all works of different departments, including medical treatment, nursing and technology. Facing the burden, he never shrinks back. He strictly monitors medical service quality and goes deep into departments to learn about and check diagnosis, treatment and nursing services. Chen Bing always presents himself in saving critically ill patients and joint-consultation for complicated cases.

Academic Achievement

Chen Bing has never satisfied with his own achievement. He often studies professional magazines, takes in knowledge from all kinds of medical periodicals, widely absorbs various advanced medical knowledge from homeland and abroad. He carries theories into practice and makes use of all knowledge in clinical treatment. Dr. Chen has been invited for several times to many national big cities to attend academic forums and communicate with renowned specialists. He is a man of accuracy and diligence. He constantly researches on new technologies and methods, and has published more than 30 academic articles.

Research Technology

Minimally invasive therapy for solid tumors

Research Area


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