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Sun Weiping
Position: Director of T.C.M Dept.
Title: Deputy Chief Physician
Specialty: Traditional Chinese medisine therapy for internal medicine, gynecology and other chronic diseases


Dr Sun has engaged in medical compliant nearly 40 years, specialized at treatments for both internal medicine diseases like hypertension, diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, and gynecological disease, infertility, etc. In those 40 years, Dr Sun is always cautious and conscientious, working with great medical sincerity and dedicated services for patients, making perfection more perfect. She regards her patients as families with all her heart and soul, analyzing patient’s condition at length, respecting patient’s willing and trying hard to encourage patients with a positive attitude.

Education Background

1973-1976 Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

1984-1985 Chinese Medicine Theory Seminar in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Medical Experience

Academic meeting in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Academic Achievement

TCM treatment of urinary system diseases

The treatment and modulation of periarthritis of shoulder

Overall analysis and case study of cough

Treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD) for activating blood circulation

Research Technology

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Research Area

Department of internal medicine, gynecology

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