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Specialists of Bangladesh Visit Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for International Advanced Tumor Treatments

  On Dec. 28, Specialists of Gonoshasthaya Kendra University, Bangladesh, Prof. Syed Anwarul Hafiz, Md. Shahidullah and Hasin Azhari visited Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou who has successfully treated many overseas cancer patients and enjoys great reputation in Bangladesh. Hospital Director Dr. Wang Huaizhong, international cancer specialist Prof. Peng Xiaochi and many other famous doctors and medial scholars warmly welcomed the specialists from Bangladesh and expressed the greetings from hospital.

  In the experience meeting, Director Wang presented the achievement of hospital. Hospital has been treated more than 40,000 cancer patients from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thai, Cambodia and other countries, from which have fully indicate the technology power and international dominance of hospital. The medical specialists of Bangladesh were amazed at such an outstanding medical achievement in cancer treatment.

  In order to let the specialists further know the treatment technologies in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, hospital specially invited them to interventional operation room to watch the treatment procedures. In the treatment, Prof. Peng Xiaochi explained to the specialists simply but usefully about minimally invasive therapy, radioactive article implantation and cryotherapy performed in treatment, when the specialists from both countries exchanged their opinions to many primary international medical technologies for tumor at the same time.

  In this visit to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, the specialists of Bangladesh introduced the medical condition of Bangladesh. According to Chairman of Physicalmedicine and biomedical engineering of Bangladesh, Dr. Hasin Azhari, it is difficult for their people to have treatment in Bangladesh, and there are only 12 public medical institutions across the country. Only 5 hospitals have related medical infrastructures for cancer treatment. Apart from that, they are also short of doctors that the poor patients cannot have effective treatment. Gonoshasthaya Kendra  has set up many medical colleges, institutions, charities, career training centers, disaster relief teams and other social institutions, but that are still hard to meet the medical demands of local people. The specialists of Bangladesh said, the launch of branch office of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in Bangladesh and hospital accepts some cancer patients from Bangladesh have greatly helped to relieve the serious medical condition in Bangladesh. Additionally, they also hoped Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can take part in the researches of physicalmedicine like nuclear medicine, radiological image and so on to support and share academic achievements. So both can better work for the cancer prevention and treatments in Southeast Asian Countries and contribute to improve medical technologies.

Specialists of Bangladesh take souvenir photos in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Director Wang Huaizhong of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is making statement

Specialists of Bangladesh are visiting interventional operation room and having discussion

Specialists of Bangladesh are watching radioactive particle implantation

Interview to specialists of Bangladesh

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