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New Choices, Minimally invasive Targeted Treatment for Cancer New Hope, More Doctors and Citizens are Concerned

 Medical Forum successfully held by Manila Health Department Medical Association, Inc. and Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

 On January 25, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou’s Chief Expert, Dr. Peng Xiaochi, was invited by the president of Manila Health Department Medical Association, Inc. Dr. Maria Cecilia Asilo to deliver a medical lecture “New Choices: Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatments for Cancer” to the members of the association at Ramada Manila Central Function hall.

       Professor Peng Xiaochi used a great number of examples, specially focusing on the application of the hospital’s featured treatment technology to common cancer cases in the Philippines such as lung cancer, pharyngolaryngeal cancer, and colorectal cancer, to elaborate the discussion of the hospital’s innovative techniques of “Minimally Invasive Targeted Treatment with Combination of Western and Chinese Medicine”. Techniques as such, like nanotechnology application, natural therapy, gene therapy, radioactive seed implantation, cryotherapy, have became the best treatment method succeeding the traditional surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. These new techniques have been slowly accepted by more and more people, and had brought new hopes to many more cancer patients.

  Manila City Health Officer, Benjamin YSon, acknowledged the medical lecture of Dr. Peng Xiaochi, and praised Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for their concerns on the health of Filipino Citizens, and for training local doctors with the latest medical knowledge. Bulacan Vice Governor, Mr. Daniel Fernando, who is also present at the forum, hoped that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will be willing to hold many more seminars similar to this one in all areas of the Philippines.

Medical cancer Forum

Lecture Proper

Medical cancer Forum

  Venue for the Lecture

Medical cancer Forum

Received acknowledgement from Bulacan Vice Governor

Medical cancer Forum

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