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China and Vietnam join hands to fight stubborn cancer ——Bo Ai Medical Group Chairman Lin visited Vinmec International Hospital

  On the morning of February 27, 2013, Bo Ai Medical Group Chairman Lin arrived at Vinmec International Hospital for visit and talks, accompanied with 2013 oversea office investigation delegation from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, as invited by Vinmec International Hospital.

  Vinmec International Hospital president, Prof.MD.PhD DO TAT CUONG, and The Chief of Administration Department, Lê Thúy Anh, welcomed Chairman Lin and the visiting group, and introduced to them the development background, medical market positioning and international medical service strategy of the hospital.

  In the conversation, Chairman Lin indicated that most Vietnamese cancer patients going to China for treatment are basically found in late stage due to late detection and treatment. Therefore, president of Vinmec International Hospital expressed his hope to strengthen Sino-Vietnam cooperation in fighting cancers and that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou under Bo Ai Medical Group can joint hands with Vinmec International Hospital to carry out tumor early screening activities, besides, to drive academic exchange and health seminars combining the existing hardware resources of the hospital, so as to realize the technology cooperation between two countries’ experts and doctors and relieve painfulness of more Vietnamese cancer patients. Chairman Lin said that Vietnam office of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou had held many health seminars in Vietnam, which were widely welcomed by Vietnamese cancer patients. It is believed that better results will be achieved if Vinmec International Hospital can joint hands with Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

  Prof.MD.PhD DO TAT CUONG, president of Vinmec International Hospital, expressed his approval of Chairman Lin, showing his hope that both sides can invite medical specialists of the other side to their own hospitals for visit and exchange and strengthen academic research in cancer profession, infertility profession and cosmetic surgery profession, so as to accelerate the cooperation between the two sides and fight for better results together. Chairman Lin also said that, the future of cooperation between Vinmec International Hospital and Bo Ai Medical Group is bright. He hoped that both sides can seize the opportunity to make a contribution to the medical cause of Vietnam and China.

  In the end of the conversation, Chairman Lin presented Vinmec International Hospital with a souvenir, on which were characters “De Yi Shuang Xin”. Chairman Lin introduced that it was inscribed by President Xi JinPing of P.R.C and presented to Bo Ai Medical Group, aiming to encourage the Bo Ai facilities’ contribution to China’s private medical cause. Bo Ai Medical Group is willing to share this honor with Vinmec International Hospital. President of Vinmec International Hospital pleasantly accepted the souvenir and took pictures with the delegation of Bo Ai Medical Group.

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Chairman Lin and his delegation were visiting Vinmec International Hospital

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Chairman Lin was having talks with president of Vinmec International Hospital

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Chairman Lin was presenting the souvenir to president of Vinmec International Hospital

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