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The President of NATIONAL PRESS CLUB Visited Guangzhou Again, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Was Highly Praised

  The president of NATIONAL PRESS CLUB Mr. BENNY ANTIPORDA arrived at Guangzhou in the afternoon of March, 1, 2013 and visited specially Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in the next day. Meanwhile, this was also the second time Mr. BENNU ANTIPORDA visited the hospital.

  His first time of visit on July, 13, 2012, invited by Boai Medical Group and leading a group made of 18 journalists from mainstream media, Mr. BENNY came to our hospital. After the visit, the group reported the 12 minimally invasive tumor techniques and the overall service environment through multiple media ways to the Philippine people.

  As for this re-visit, Mr. BENNY firstly told the hospital leaders that the minimally invasive treatment technologies have been evoking enthusiastic responses and he said: “Over the past year, Philippine people have been very impressed by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and your mode of combination of Western and Chinese medicine and minimally invasive and targeted treatment are paid great attention. Because tumor treatments in Philippines are still limited to conventional chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, which cannot perfectly raise the survival rate and reduce patients’ suffering, while your techniques such as cryotherapy and interventional therapy are not only effective but also enable to improve patients’ quality of life.”

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has set up a branch office in Manila in 2011 and has been sending cancer specialists to provide face to face consultation there. With deepening medical and media cooperation between China and Philippines, more and more cancer patients are choosing to seek medical support in China. Therefore, Mr. BENNY specially visited two Philippine patients admitted in 8th floor. The patients were much unexpected to see him and talked about their condition in detail to him. Mr. BENNY was very impressed by their smiles and optimism and took a photo with them with a victory sign. After this, the hospital arranged a regular check-up for BENNY and he said: “The patient’s service here is very considerate, the staff is very professional with warm heart and the overall culture and environment makes me feel very warm as well.”

  When talking about cooperation between our hospital and Philippine hospitals, Mr. BENNY put forward his suggestions such as diversifying medical lectures, tumor doctors going deep among the common people. As a representative of the mainstream media in Philippines, he said that he is still happy to see Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou spread the advanced technology, because medicine has no boundaries, our common target and principle are to let more patients get effective treatment.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Mr. BENNY was visiting Philippine patient

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Mr. BENNY was being interviewed

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