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Chinese Cancer Doctor In Bulacan Symposium Tackles Treatment Of Tumors

  MALOLOS CITY, Bulacan — Bulacan has partnered with the Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital in China for a free symposium for medical practitioners on the revolutionary methods in treating tumors and curing 95 percent of all cancers.

  Dr. Peng Xiao Chi, chief expert and Director of the Oncology Department of Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital, made stunning revelations on how cancer is now a curable disease in China as he led the symposium at the Hiyas Pavilion Center, here, on Friday.

  Speaking through an interpreter, Dr. Peng said: “Cancer is surely deadly, but through the help of modern technology most of it can be treated. Ninety-five percent of all the cancers that we know can already be treated, especially those in the early stages. And I believe that in the future, all of these will have a treatment.”

  “Doctors at the Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou are using modern methods and therapies without surgery,” he said through interpreter, Ms. Jane Lau.

  At least 300 participants attended the symposium, including doctors, medical students, government health workers, teachers, cancer patients, and Mr. Benett Ho, General Manager for Philippines of Bo-Ai Medical Services Inc.

  The Provincial Public Health Office, upon instruction from Governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado, coordinated with the Guangzhou hospital for the holding of the special talk dubbed “Health Symposium on Medical Care Beyond Boundary.”

  “This is part of our seven-point agenda to improve the health and explore new ideas taking place around the world in terms of curing diseases,” said Sy-Alvarado.

  Based on the work being done at the Guanzhou hospital, Dr. Peng said: “We can treat cancer through intra-arterial. Here, we target the arteries that supply blood to the tumor. We will block these arteries and eventually kill the tumor.”

  “We also employ cryoablation or the injection of super cold temperature – negative 160 degrees Celsius – in the skin just over the tumor to freeze and kill the cancer cells. We can also use the opposite of this known as radio frequency ablation or using super high temperature,” he added.

  The cancer expert said these new advancements in medical technology already exist and gives hope to cancer patients.

  “We learned a lot from this. Almost all of us are fatalistic about cancer as if all hope of getting well is lost. Instead of waiting for death, we know now that there is hope to treat it,” said Alvarado before the crowd, some of whom are cancer-stricken.

 Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou


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