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Non-psychiatrists Should Take the Identification and Treatment of Psychosomatic Diseases into Account

  On the afternoon of January 13th, 2013, the annual Guangdong Bo Ai Medical Group Academic seminar was held in the 9th Floor Conference Room of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Geng Qingshan, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Health Department, made a "non- psychiatrists should take the identification and treatment of psychosomatic diseases into account" thematic speech for the employees of the Group.

  The thematic speech is actually a training seminar that Bo Ai Medical Group carried out to strengthen the medical staffs’ practice skills, so as to enhance the level of medical services, build a better and coordinated doctor-patient relationship.

  Geng Qingshan first pointed out that hospitals make health products. However, due to the problems of the health care system, legislations, laws, and the medical education system, non-psychiatrists are lack of diagnosis and treatment skills for psychological diseases. The phenomenon that most doctors take stop-gap measures is widespread, which makes many psychosomatic outpatients miss timely diagnosis and treatments in non-psychiatric departments. If the medical staffs know nothing about the diagnosis and treatment for psychological disorders accompanied with somatic diseases, or cannot even identify some simple psychosomatic diseases, they cannot possibly reach the purposes of curing the patient’s physical diseases and healing the mental problems.

  Through some vivid examples, Geng Qingshan explained the concept of psychosomatic medicine in detailed. Psychosomatic medicine is not a branch of psychiatry, but the foundation of medicine. It does not provide a special technology to measure a variety of diseases, but integrate them theoretically and practically with the application of modern medical methods. It provides a new medical thinking model and method, which emphasizes on the three factors impacting the diseases and health, namely, sociology, physiology, biology. Also, psychosomatic medicine indicates the importance of promoting pure biomedical model’s transforming to the bio-psycho -social model; further interpret the new concept of “health”.

  “At present, China's non- psychiatrists are basically practicing in the biomedical model, the medical division of which is too minute. Mechanical diagnosis is increasingly intensified, making health care processes become industrial pipeline operation. ", said Geng Qingshan, “so the emphasis of non-psychiatrists’ identification and treatment consciousness for psychosomatic diseases has been a priority.”

  In China, neuropsychiatric disorders account for the first place in the burden of various of diseases. From the history of the diseases development, human beings have stepped into the “mental illness era” from the “infectious diseases era" and "physical diseases era"."On the one hand, patients with physical problems may associate with mental disorders, while they don’t realize. On the other hand, patients may not sure what kind of doctors they should see or they won’t initiatively tell the psychological problems when complaining the chief somatic symptoms. To a result that patients suffering from physical illness accompanied by depression and anxiety for a long time, but unable to get timely identification and effective treatments, which increase the patients’ burden and sufferings.”Geng Qingshan also stated that doctors should regard patient as a whole, every patients should be examined from two aspects, psychological and physiological. Therefore, non-psychiatrists’ basic master skills for psychological disorders’ diagnosis and treatments are very important.

  Geng, Qingshan stressed that a systematic training can help non-psychiatrists have a deeper understanding on the new medical model. This can also improve their personal professionalism, strengthen the ability of solving body and mind disordered patients’ problems, adapt to the new demands of social medicine.

  After the lecture, Geng Qingshan have a closely interaction with the participants, answering their questions in detailed. Chairman Lin ZhiCheng and Deputy General Manager Wang Zezhou made the concluding remarks. The group leaders say that psychosomatic medicine has a very broad area of development, it is imminent to promote the medical paradigm shift. This new medical model will be implemented to medical posts to promote the quality of medical services and make the medical brand upgraded.

  After the training, the employees have stating that they are benefited a lot from the training.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Bo Ai Medical Group

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Bo Ai Medical Group

The training lecture spot

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