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China Join Hands with Thailand to Create Anticancer New Prospect

  On March 8, 2013, Chairman Lin Zhicheng of Boai Medical Group accepted the invitation to go to Thailand to visit Secretary-General Sira Pimklang of Thai Prime Minister Secretariat, the two sides (China and Thailand) launched talks on the issues related to medical treatment, cooperation and development, technical exchanges, etc.

  Contribute to anticancer career

  Secretary-General Sira Pimklang on behalf of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, expressed a warm welcome to the visit of Chairman Lin Zhicheng. During the talks, Secretary-General Sira Pimklang fully affirmed Chinese medical development. Lin Zhicheng expressed that in order to fight against this terrible disease-- cancer, China has been tirelessly researching and exploring methods of cancer treatments. In recent years, through the introduction of advanced medical equipments, constant academic exchanges and therapeutic effect feedback among medical experts, Chinese anti-cancer cause has been continually promoted, in which, Boai Medical Group has also contributed his own anti-cancer efforts.

  Boai Medical Group, established in 1989, owns 14 sections worldwide and hundreds of large medical institutions. It is truly the largest Medical Investment Group in China. Meanwhile, Boai Medical Group is among the world's top 100 medical groups. Over the past few years, Boai Medical Group has constantly strengthened the integration of all the dominant resources, and actively expanded involved fields like treatment of neoplastic diseases, medical science &technology research projects, international medical cooperation, etc. and also obtained remarkable achievements.

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was heavily invested by Boai Medical Group and was built as an international cancer treatment institute of "modern management, humane services, digitized information". Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been constantly exploring the latest technologies in the field of cancer treatment, and also combining the latest technology with treatment experience to create the treatment mode of "integrative Chinese and western medicine, minimally invasive targeted therapy”. Since then, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has become more and more matured in the technology of minimally invasive surgery. Not only in Asia, but also in the worldwide, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been in a leading position in the aspect of tumor specialized treatment, in particular, with the mode of "integrated Chinese medicine and western medicine, minimally invasive targeted therapy”, the hospital has built its reputation and won wide praise both at home and abroad. Since the year of 2008, the hospital has successively set up 8 branch offices respectively in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh, so as to help and treat more cancer patients.

  Strengthen exchanges and promote Sino-Thai medical development

  After carefully listening to the introduction by Chairman Lin, Secretary-General Sira Pimklang highly praised the achievements of Boai Medical Group and Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. In return, he also introduced the incentives of investment for foreign medical groups in Thailand and even invited Chairman Lin to construct hospitals in Thailand. What’s more, he said that Primer Yingluck Shinawatra had already started planning of building “ASEAN medical service center” in Bangkok, Thailand. Compared with Singapore, Thailand is the most suitable country for Chinese hospital investment and construction, said Sira Pimklang. Therefore, he was very much looking forward to Boai Medical Group’s hospital construction or any investment plan in Thailand. Secretary-General Sira Pimklang still pointed out that cancer treatments in Thailand are still mainly surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and these therapies cannot achieve favorable therapeutic effects for advanced stage patients. It was hoped that Boai Medical Group and Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou could bring advanced treatment technologies and high-quality medical services to Thailand to fight against cancer together.

  Chairman Lin said, Boai Medical Group and Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou have been very happy to share and participate in the exchange and communication about cancer treatment. In the two Tumor Assemblies of 2010 and 2011, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou shared the Chinese characteristic treatment mode of “Integrative Chinese and western Medicine, Minimally Invasive Targeted Therapy” which has won approbation from the world's anti-cancer organization. This mode of treatment features less trauma, rapid effectiveness, quick recovery, precise positioning and accurate treatment, and can orientatedly and locally kills tumor tissue. Therefore, compared with systemic treatment, this mode has the advantage of causing no damage to the surrounding normal tissues & organs and also avoids damages to tumor patients’ immunities caused by traditional radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Thus, it can prevent excessive treatment, reduce patients’ pain, greatly prolong survival period and improve patients’ quality of life and long-term therapeutic effect. Secretary-general Sira Pimklang said, the team under the leadership of Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhornyou is now working on technology for the treatment of cancer, and hopes to carry out academic exchanges with Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou to promote the career development of Sino-Thai anti-cancer treatment. After hearing this, Chairman Lin felt so grateful that Secretary-general Sira Pimklang has provided such great opportunity for Sino-Thai medical cooperation and cordially invited secretary general Sira Pimklang and Thai doctors to visit Boai Medical Group as well as Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for academic exchanges.

  Advanced technology and personalized services become widely popular

  On the same day, Chairman Lin has also been invited by the Ministry of Health to visit assistant minister Cholnan Srikaew, and both sides had negotiation on the problems of Sino-Thai medical cooperation.

  Chairman Lin said Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a tumor-treatment-based international specialized hospital who has attracted tumor patients from various countries in Southeastern Asia in recent years. In order to better service for Thai tumor patients, the hospital set up a branch office in Bangkok on December 28, 2012. The Bangkok office has long term-stationed experts to provide free consultation services for Thailand cancer patients and their families. In order to make Thailand cancer patients have no trouble to come to China for treatment, the Bangkok office also offers help to deal with passport visa, airport picking-up service. After patients return home, the Bangkok office would also regularly follow up their condition and care for their feelings, care, illness, etc. These services make Thai people know that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou not only owns advanced treatment technology, but also provides humane services, which prove the hospital is a reliable and specialized one.

  Assistant minister Cholnan Srikaew also said that he hopes Boai Medical Group can carry on investment and development in Thailand, and bring more communication and exchange between Chinese and Thai cancer experts. Chairman Lin said shortly after the establishment, Thai Office has held the health lecture of "Non-surgery, 'Integrative Chinese and western medicine, minimally invasive targeted therapy’ launching cancer therapy new pattern" on January 3, 2012. The lecture attracted many Thai media, cancer patients and family members to participate in, and the chief oncologist of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou - Peng Xiaochi at the scene explained how to treat cancer and other related information about nursing and cancer prevention. These health lectures have undoubtedly arisen awareness of cancer prevention for Thai people and also helped reinforce the anti-cancer confidence for cancer patients.

  Chairman Lin finally proposed he hopes China and Thailand hand in hand try hard for the flourish of cancer treatment enterprise and that only Sino-Thai mutual exchange can help more cancer patients and families.

  When the talks ended, Chairman Lin respectively presented souvenirs to the Secretary-General Sira Pimklang and assistant minister Cholnan Srikaew of Ministry of Health in hope to express the sincerity of Boai Medical Group.

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Boai Medical Group

Chairman Lin and Secretary-General Sira Pimklang were holding talks

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Boai Medical Group

Chairman Lin and Secretary-General Sira Pimklang

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Boai Medical Group

Chairman Lin presented souvenir to Secretary-General Sira Pimklang

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Boai Medical Group

Friendly meeting of Chairman Lin and assistant minister Cholnan Srikaew of Ministry of Health

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Boai Medical Group

Chairman Lin presented souvenir to assistant minister Cholnan Srikaew

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Boai Medical Group

Chairman Lin, Secretary-General Sira Pimklang and assistant minister Cholnan Srikaew

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