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Popularizing Cancer Knowledge,Promoting Doctor-patient Communication

  In order to make the community residents, cancer patients and their families learn more about cancer knowledge, and to promote communication between doctors and patients, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou successfully held a health lecture entitled "facing of pain positively, enjoying life” in the second floor meeting room of the administration building.

  The lecture was given by the head nurse Wang Junlan, attracted a total number of more than 50 community residents, cancer patients and their families to the site. In order to make the foreign patients understand the lecture contents better, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou arranged Vietnamese, English and Indonesian translators to do the translation on-the-spot simultaneously.

  Matron Wang Junlan firstly told a story about pain of a cancer patient, with the purpose of reminding patients should actively cooperate with doctor’s treatments, scientifically and canonically use medicines. Only by that way can they relieve pain effectively, re-meet a better life. Followed, she comprehensively explained the concern degree, assessment, prevention and managements of cancer pain. Especially, she analyzed the preventive measures and processing methods of side effects of pain medication in detailed.

  She also stressed that cancer patients should not bear pain, but tell the doctor and nurse timely and accurately, and take medicines quantitatively to relief pain more effectively.

  At last, Matron Wang Junlan interacted with the attendee, answered their questions one by one, which is greatly praised. The audiences expressed that they hope Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can hold more similar health lectures, so that more people will know more causes and preventive measures of cancer.

cancer, cancer pain

cancer, cancer pain

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