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Mainstream media focuses on Sino-Cambodian international anti-cancer career

  On March 3, 2013, Chairman Lin of Bo Ai Medical Group arrived in Cambodia followed by his delegation with a hope to contribute Bo Ai’s effort to Sino-Cambodian anti-cancer career. The next day, Chairman Lin received an interview by Cambodian mainstream media, which was drew full attention by TV, newspaper, internet and other media outlets.

  In 1989, the largest medical investment group of China---- Bo Ai Medical Group was set up. After 24 years’ hardship and difficulties, it finally won people’s trust and approval with its “people-oriented and borderless love” spirit. Nowadays, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou under Bo Ai Medical Group has set up an office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Chairman Lin indicated that Bo Ai Medical Group is willing to fight against tough cancer together with Cambodian people.

  To improve cancer prevention awareness of Cambodian people and fight cancer with them

  Questioned by reporters from Koh Santepheap on the aim, content and cost of the office’s services, Chairman Lin indicated that Phnom Penh office of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was established aiming to provide the most considerate services to more cancer patients. Its services include three main aspects:

  1. Free consultation: professional cancer experts in the office provide free consultation to cancer patients. They patiently answer all questions of cancer patients and their families after thorough analysis of the patient’s condition.

  2. Professional treatment suggestions: oncologists give patients professional treatment suggestions and objectively evaluate the treatment effect.

  3. Other assistance: the office also provides assistance in visa application, pick-up and delivery services in Guangzhou airport and assists the treatment as well as follow up patients’ condition after they come back to Cambodia.

  Besides, Phnom Penh Office often hosts health seminars and other activities to popularize daily knowledge of cancer. On September 27 and 29, 2012, the office hosted two health seminars named Awareness of Cancer and Its Medical Technologies, which were warmly welcomed by Cambodian people. Through the seminar, patients and their families gained more related knowledge of cancer. Chairman Lin pointed out that Bo Ai Medical Group and Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou hosted health seminars with a hope to raise people’s awareness of anti-cancer, so as to reduce the incidence and death rate of cancer and ultimately realize the vision of Sino-Cambodian people’s fighting against cancer together. Meanwhile, Chairman Lin invited the present reporters to join Bo Ai Medical Group and Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in popularizing cancer prevention and anti-cancer knowledge together, so as to help Cambodian people ward off cancer.

  A medical institution based on love and technology

  During the interview, Chairman Lin mentioned the reason of Phnom Penh office’s establishment that it was from a suggestion of a Cambodian patient who once took treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The patient said Cambodian people needs advanced treatment technology and high-quality medical services to help them get rid of cancer. He strongly suggested Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou set up an office in Cambodia. With the patient’s praise to the service and treatment technology of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Bo Ai Medical Group became more confident in setting up Phnom Penh office and establishing special hospitals in the future.

  Chairman Lin told Apsara TV reporters that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou under Bo Ai Medical Group is a regular medical institution serving patients wholeheartedly. Out of humanitarian spirit, the hospital often helps cancer patients who desperately need treatment but are beset with financial difficulties. In July, 2012, a four-year-old Vietnamese cancer patient, Nguyen Van Da, who was diagnosed with facial rhabdomyosarcoma but failed to get effective treatment because of poverty, came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. To help this poor child overcome the difficulties, all medical personnel of the hospital successfully and voluntarily donated nearly 50,000 RMB (equivalent to about 7970 USD) for him. The hospital provided him with medical assistance and the Bo Ai Foundation of Bo Ai Medical Group also provided him nearly 100,000 RMB (equivalent to about 15941 USD) as treatment expense. After the hospital’s treatment, Nguyen Van Da’s prognosis is very favorable and his condition has been effectively controlled now. Staffs of Hanoi office often visit Nguyen Van Da to care for his physical condition.

  New modes of anticancer therapies: Combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine with minimally invasive and targeted technology

  ”Can cancer be treated?” many people would ask. Regarding this, Chairman Lin said that most cancers are treatable, and early stage patients will be able to get better treatment effect. However, patients coming to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for treatment are mostly found in mid-late stage, when they have missed the best time for treatment. The main reason for such a phenomenon is that they lack of early detection, diagnosis and treatment awareness and fear of cancer treatment. Combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine with minimally invasive and targeted technology is a medical characteristic of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. It is a new concept of cancer treatment combining Western minimally invasive technology and traditional Chinese medicine, which is of thousand years of history. This new treatment mode has gained commendation from and been welcomed by wide cancer patients.

  For example, early breast cancer has the highest cure rate with this treatment mode. Using combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine with minimally invasive and targeted technology, more specifically, combining iodine seeds implantation and interventional therapy, etc., breast cancer cells will be killed. For early lung cancer, cryotherapy can be performed, which is to destroy cancer cells by heating and freezing them alternately. However, these therapies usually do not have a chance to play their role until cancer patients have reached mid-late stage due to their lack of early detection and treatment awareness. As a result, they cannot achieve maximum effect they could have brought to the patient in early stage. In fact, with constant emergence of new technologies, people’s expectation to cancer treatment has changed. For early stage cancers, the treatment aims to clinically cure the cancer, while mid-late stage treatment is expected to prolong patients’ lives and improve their life quality.

  China’s medical charge is only 1/3 of that of Singapore

  Many Cambodian cancer patients may worry that it will be very expensive taking treatment in China. When hearing about such concern, Chairman Lin laughed and said that China’s medical charge is not that high as most people think. Contrarily, Chinese doctor’s consultation fee and treatment charge are universally lower than most Southeast Asian hospitals, Cambodian hospitals included. Moreover, medical personnel in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou never accept any covert payment from patients.

  According to the survey results in 2012, compared with Singapore hospitals, China’s medical charge is only 1/3 of Singapore’s for the same therapy performed in the same type of cancer. This is sufficient to prove that China’s medical charge is reasonable and fair, and it is acceptable to most Cambodian cancer patients and their families. Furthermore, while achieving the same treatment effect, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would try to reduce the financial burden of the patient by using advanced treatment technology and providing high-quality medical services.

  In the end of the interview, Chairman Lin made a promise to all Cambodian cancer patients and their families that all hospitals under Bo Ai Medical Group of China will serve Cambodian people with advanced and professional treatment technologies, so as to make contribution to the development of Sino-Cambodian mutual assistance and friendship.

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Bo Ai Medical Group

Chairman Lin was meeting Cambodian news media reporters.

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Bo Ai Medical Group

Chairman Lin was in the interview with Cambodia Apsara TV reporters

cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Bo Ai Medical Group

Chairman Lin was taking pictures with Cambodian news media reporters.

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