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An New Era Female College Student Literacy Seminar Was Held in Guangdong University of Finance Again

  On April 24th, another“new era female college student literacy seminar” was held in Guangdong University of Finance. More than 130 female college students from the colleague took part in the health talk.

  Miss Zhang Guoxiang, from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou delivered the lecture in a lively and interesting way. She explained students the concept of health, menstrual -related knowledge and the views of building a good relationship.

  Zhang Guoxiang said that health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but physically, psychologically and socially healthy. In another words, one can be in a good state when he/she is physically health, mentally health, and has a sound social adaptability.

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou hopes it can guide female students to build a correct view of health, values, and love by holding this female college student literacy lecture and health talk.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, health talk

Zhang Guoxiang is explaining health knowledge to female students

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, health talk

Female students from Guangdong University of Finance are listening seriously

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