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Medical Conference on Minimal-Invasive Approach in Treating Cancer

  A medical conference was held last June 22, 2013 Saturday at Sulo Hotel, Quezon City, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm for medical practitioners with bountiful experience in terms of cancer treatment and are interested to share and explore more about ways of fighting cancer.

  Dr. Peng Xiaochi, the Director of Oncology Department from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, was invited to lead a short discussion about innovative minimal invasive cancer treatment. Topics explored include Interventional Therapy, Cryoablation, Radiofrequency Ablation, Radioactive Seed Implantation, Bio-natural therapy, and also complementary treatment such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  Doctors and Medical Professionals attending the conference agreed on that treating cancer in a wholistic approach is the best option for cancer patients. They advised that while treating cancer patients, one should be on utmost caution to lessen the sufferings of the patient for nearly all men die of their remedies, and not of their illnesses.

  After brief introduction to the leading international trend of minimal invasive approach, it was then followed by certain patient-cases presentation and in-depth discussion on the technical aspects of minimally invasive treatment. Attendees voiced out points of concern and these were tackled thoroughly by the speaker, Dr. Peng Xiaochi. In the Open Forum Portion, attendees were able to exchange thoughts, opinions, views and experiences with the speaker. They all reached a common ground that there are “New Hopes and New Choices” to Cancer Treatment and one shall not locked himself but shall open-up to the world of possibilities. Miracles can always happen!

  All attendees had a fruitful evening. The medical conference was a great success and shall bring unquantifiable contribution to the field of cancer treatment in the Philippines.

 Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzho

Dr. Peng Xiaochi presenting the successful case of an Eye-tumor patient from Philippines

 Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzho

Doctors and Physicians carefully analyzing presented techniques and cases

 Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzho

(from Left to Right) Dr. Paolo Bellosillo, Dra. Chiqui Perez, Dr. Irene Penamante, Dr. Pons Aberin(Former DOH Undersecretary), Dr. Peng XiaoChi (Director of Oncology Department of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou), Atty. Teresita Capacillo and Dr. Samuel Dizon (Medical Director of Complete Wellness Center)

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