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Hot field of 2013ASCO:Cellular Natural Therapy Combined with Radiofrequency Ablation Treating Cancer Better


ACTL cell targeted therapy

      According to a latest research by ASCO in 2013, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) therapy has very good effect in treating liver cancer, but patients’ own immunity suppression is still a factor that may cause high risk of reoccurrence and metastasis. However it is found in the research that if patients receive cellular natural therapy after the RFA therapy, their treatment can be obviously more effective and safer with distinct lower risk of reoccurrence and metastasis.

  During this research, 62 liver cancer patients were divided into two groups. One group only received RFA (32 cases) while the other group received RFA combined with cellular natural therapy (30 cases). The result shows that the median progression-free survival (PFS, which means the duration when patients’ condition stay stable after particular treatment and before any secondary progression or death happen) of patients in the RFA group was 12 months (out of a range from 9.1 to 14.8 months) while no cases of secondary tumor or death has been found in the group received RFA combined with cellular natural therapy.

  According to the final result of this research, cellular natural therapy combined with radiofrequency ablation is highly effective and safe in treating liver cancer, meanwhile, may help liver cancer patients prevent reoccurrence and metastasis after the treatment of RFA. The research also shows that cellular natural therapy have dual functions of resisting cancer and virus and thus can decrease the amount of virus from viral hepatitis and maintain normal liver function.

  Interpretation by Specialist Zhang Dechun from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou:

  Specialist Zhang said, cellular natural therapy is a kind of biotherapy. It has become a brand-new cancer therapy because it is safe, highly effective, minimally invasive and causes only little pain and little side effects. Meanwhile, it makes up the disadvantages of traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy that causing harm to patients’ immunity and failing to kill all cancer cells. Therefore, cellular natural therapy has been widely known as one of the most popular and prosperous therapies in comprehensive cancer treatment modes in the 21st century. There are many kinds of cellular immunotherapies, among which DC-CIK cellular natural therapy and ACTL™ cancer cells targeted technology are the most mature and most widely applied.

  Cellular natural therapy means collecting patient’s own immune cells and increasing them to thousands of times by biological cultivation in vitro. After their targeting killing function is strengthened, they will be input back into the patient’s body via vein. And then these immune cells can target and kill the cancer cells and mutant cells, meanwhile, activate human’s immunity function.

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has found through years of practice, for cancer patients at all stages especially those weak patients at middle or late stage or those who suffer from cancer metastasis, cellular natural therapy can effectively relieve their symptoms, prolong their life expectancy and improve their living quality. Meanwhile, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou also finds that among patients who have received cellular natural therapy, combining cryotherapy, surgery, seed particle implantation, radiotherapy or other therapies with cellular natural therapy can obviously improve treatment efficacy and prolong patients’ life expectancy.

  Specialist Zhang said, cellular natural therapy can be applied to treat not only liver cancer, but also lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma, multiple myeloma and other cancers. It can kill cancer cells and prevent the recurrence as well as metastasis effectively.

  Here are the patients from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou who undergone Bio-natural therapy Treatment:

  <I felt the warmth of home here>

  Patient’s Name:

  From: Vietnam

  Case: Lymphoma

  From the moment, I found out I have cancer, my wife felt depressed, worried, frown all day, often cries at my back. Though I was treated on my country before, my condition did not improve. Luckily, I found Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and underwent Interventional Treatment + Bio-natural therapy. Re-evaluation reports showed that my condition was improving. Now that I have recovered back to normal life, I can always be with my family, eat and chat together. ......

  <I am optimistic; I am Lucky!>

  Patient’s Name: Elie Yap

  From: Philippines

  Case: Left Breast Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with Left Axillary Lymph Node Metastasis

  “Four years ago, evil arms of cancer reached me already; however, I wasn't conscious about it until there’s metastasis. Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital performed a Radical Mastectomy + Bio-natural therapy + Chemotherapy program to help me defeat this illness. Now, that I feel much stronger than before, I thank God and as well as Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for it.”.....read

  <New Cancer Treatment Technique Shrunk an Egg-size Mass>

  Patient’s Name:

  From: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

  Case: Poorly differentiated Invasive Cervical Cancer

  58 year old patient have the following symptoms: egg sized breast mass, cracked nipple, ulcers and breast pain. Diagnosis shows that she has advanced stage of breast cancer. Both her father and elder sister died of cancer, this opted her children to bring her to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for Bio-natural therapy treatment. This incident made her changed perception on cancer that she can continue live......read

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