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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Dhaka office helped to "Peace Ark" Chinese Naval Hospital worked towards implementation of humanitarian medical services in Bangladesh

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

    On 20th August (Tuesday) Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Dhaka office’s two medical staffs granted by the PRC Embassy in Bangladesh at 7:20 went to Chittagong " Peace Ark "Chinese Naval Hospital, they paid three-days medical assistance activities. This time, the "Peace Ark" was approved by the CPC Central Military Commission, June 10, 2013, the PLA East China Sea Fleet deputy chief of staff Major General Shen Hao, deputy director of the Political Department Chenxian Guo colonel led the "Peace Ark" hospital ship from Zhejiang Zhoushan sail, performed "Harmony Mission -2013" tasks. The mission plan was to visit the Middle East and Southeast Asia. From August 19-25 “Peace Ark" Chinese Naval Hospital worked towards the implementation of humanitarian medical services in Bangladesh. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Dhaka office participated in “Peace Ark” to carry out medical assistance.

  Dhaka office staff members introduced to the commander of "Peace Ark" Shen Hao, Major General Chenxian Guo ,commissar pipe Berlin Colonel Dean and resident Mengwu Guan Zhang that the Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is now providing the 125 seed implantation technique targeted therapy of cancer, Green and cryotherapy treatment of cancer and other world-leading minimally invasive treatments. Army leaders had showed unanimous recognition and praise. Dean Tube Berlin said after end of the "Peace Ark" medical mission in Bangladesh, they will require Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou as a cancer technological cooperation and also recommended patients to go to China for taking treatment. Major General Shen Hao said that the "Peace Ark" had trip in The Middle East, Southeast Asia to show China's medical strength. Hope, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Dhaka office in Bangladesh will stand firm to establish overseas Chinese medical positive image and look forward "Peace Ark" will come to Bangladesh once again for co-operation.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

  A staff member of Dhaka Office is a proficient medical professional in Bengali, English and Chinese. She paid a Medical assistance in the event and performed good as an interpreter. In Bangladesh Bangla is the main language. The Dhaka office staff member, with a solid language ability communicated with the patients. Because surgical ICU doctors need to communicate with patients to precise surgical responsibility, Dhaka office staff member was at the site for translation. She was responsible for the whole army leaders and family members of patients translation work. The medical assistance activities were broadcasted by CCTV, China Radio International and Bangladeshi Medias. Dhaka office staff member showed excellent language translation and communication skills, which attracted attention by the media reporters and interviews.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

  Ambassador of Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh, military attache gave a Thank crest to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Dhaka office, which means that the work of medical aid award.

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