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Philippines Congress Member Mr. Ferrer Luis IV Visited Modern Cancer Hospital GZ

On July 17th, Mr. Ferrer Luis IV, member of the Congress of the Philippines, as well as the ex-major of Cavite City, together with Mr. Bugtong Norman, who was the assistant, visited Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The purpose of this visit was to gain insight into the development of Modern Cancer Hospital and seek medical cooperation opportunity between Cavite City and the hospital. Mr. Wang Huaizhong, president of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Mr. Lin Shaohua, general manager, as well as other hospital staffs warmly received them.

At 8:40 a.m., Mr. Ferrer Luis IV and Mr. Bugtong Norman arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The leaders of MCHG showed hospitality to them and took a group photo at the main entrance of the hospital.

Group Photo of Hospital Leaders and the Visitors

Subsequently, service director Xiong Yumei warmly led the visitors to the second floor for physical examination because Mr. Ferrer Luis IV showed a strong willing to experience the medical service of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The visitors did three tests in total, including blood test, urine examination and ultrasonic inspection. During the test, Mrs. Xiong introduced the condition of MCHG, including the history of the hospital, hospital culture, treatment technologies, equipments and medical teams. Through Mrs. Xiong’s introduction, Mr. Ferrer Luis IV gained a comprehensive idea of the hospital and found that the medical technologies of MCHG were much advanced than that in the Philippines. After that, the visitors went to the coffee bar in the lobby to enjoy the breakfast carefully prepared by the hospital staffs.

Mr. Ferrer Luis IV was doing blood test

After breakfast, Mr. Ferrer Luis IV had a conversation with the hospital experts and consulted many medical problems, such as cancer treatment technologies and stem cell therapy. Later, with the guidance of leaders of MCHG, the visitors visited the overall environment of the hospital and learnt the hospital culture as well as charging standard of different types of the ward. During the visiting, they were deeply impressed by the clean, comfortable and warm environment of our hospital.

Group Photo of Mr. Ferrer Luis IV and Hospital Expert

Mr. Ferrer Luis IV Appreciated the Cultural Board in the Ward Area

When the visiting was over, Mr. Ferrer Luis IV gave a full affirmation and praise to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He said: “The best of Modern Cancer Hospital is the service. You have the most sincere and considerate service as well as the most attentive medical staffs. You make the patients here feel like at home.” Mr. Ferrer Luis IV also said that the Philippines lacked of such advanced cancer treatment technologies in Modern Cancer Hospital, and he hoped there would be further medical cooperation between the Philippines and China. He said he would be willing to give full support to the medical services of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in the Philippines if necessary.

Mr. Ferrer Luis IV Visited the VIP Ward and Philippine Cancer Patients

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