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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Held the Second Exam for JCI Accreditation

At 16:00 p.m. on August 7, the second exam for JCI accreditation was launched on the 9th floor of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. All hospital staffs took active part in this exam. 

Since the introduction of JCI accreditation standards on February this year, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has organized a series of activities such as mobilization meeting and related trainings, through which all staffs in the hospital gained a clear understanding of the JCI standard, and established a strict aims and demands in their practical work. All hospital staffs responded positively to the preparation work for the coming JCI accreditation in October this year.  

It is said that JCI Accreditation Standards is the highest standard of medical service recognized worldwide. As the most influential international hospital in Asia, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is one of the international comprehensive medical institutions in South China that first proposed JCI accreditation. By introducing the JCI accreditation, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will make efforts constantly in improving its medical quality and safety and optimizing medical process which is concerned by patients. The hospital is dedicated to provide patients around the world with world-class medical service as well as risk-free hospital environment.   

Examination on the spot


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