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Appointment Ceremony of Psychological Anti-cancer Tutors in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

On the afternoon of August 28th, 2014, the 2nd International Medical Exchange Day & Appointment Ceremony of Psychological Anti-cancer Tutors was held in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Fifteen anti-cancer warriors and patients from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh and China attended this event.

psychological anti-cancer tutors

Hospital president Wang Huaizhong gave a speech on behalf of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After that, the stories of anti-cancer warriors were shown in the radio. In the radio, they shared their experience of fighting against cancer and highlighted the importance of psychology to struggle with cancer. Besides, more and more researches show that the occurrence of cancer has a close relationship with psychosocial factors. In addition, caring about mental health can not only prevent cancer effectively, but help cancer subside. As for this, Director of Oncology Department, Peng Xiaochi gave a speech about psychosocial oncology treatment. Doctor Peng pointed out that psychological healthcare is to counsel and adjust patients’ psychology, and improve their mental health to enhance their ability to resist cancer invasion, which plays a key important role in improving patients’ life quality.

doctor Peng Xiaochi was giving a speech

Among these anti-cancer warriors, one has been struggling with cancer for eight years. Besides, two anti-cancer patients shared their anti-cancer experience. From Vietnam, HANG THI CUC, on the one hand, she fought with cancer; and on the other hand, she has insisted on doing programs for public good in recent two years. In addition, PHROMPANYA said, “Do not feel despaired when suffering from cancer. That is because confidence plays an important role in the prognosis of cancer. In the past, I was once despaired, but everything has been changed since I came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Fortunately, my tumor has shrunk obviously, which returns me better and high-quality life.”

At the event, these seven anti-cancer warriors were titled as Psychological Anti-cancer Tutors in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. They would help more cancer patients regain confidence to face challenges through their own experience. For those who are also cancer patients, they have the similar experience and concerned topics; therefore, they can support each other to remove negative emotions.

psychological anti-cancer tutors and leaders of MCHG

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