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Immune Cell is the Loyal Guard to Protect People’s Health

The volunteers took joint photo

The fifth session of volunteer training lecture on non-border cancer prevention was held in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

On August 21st, 2015, the fifth session of volunteer training lecture on non-border cancer prevention was held at the 9th floor meeting room in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. As it was reported, the theme was “immune cell is the loyal guard to protect people’s health” and the experienced oncologist Pro. Liu Lvguang was the chief presenter. More than 30 Indonesian patients and families participated in the symposium.

Pro. Liu pointed out that cell mutation and carrying the cancer cells were the two main factors of causing cancers. However, the immune cell is capable of restraining the cell mutation so immune cell is the loyal guard to protect people’s heath. Immune cell therapy is to culture the immune cell in vitro and then transfuse them back to the patients so as to reinforce patient’s immunity to the greatest extend and prevent cancer cells developing into cancer.

Additionally, Pro. Lv brought a good news to cancer patients. A report showed that the cancer mortality will drop to 0 in 2050 with the rapid medical development.

Cancer patients and their families showed a great interest in this symposium, carefully listening, actively posing the questions and lastly becoming the anticancer volunteers. They hoped to share this technology to more people and help them find the suitable therapy for themselves. After taking this training, the cancer patients showed the obvious mental positive change. Holding positive attitude, they followed up doctor’s instruction and introduced their familiar cancer technologies to other cancer patients.

The symposium of cancer prevention will be held on every Friday in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou so that more people have a better understanding of cancers and cancer technology. Also, it helps patients remove the fear of cancer, build up the anticancer confidence and bravely fight against the cancers.

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