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Spread Chinese Culture and Promote Exchange between China and Saudi Arabia

---- Dragon Mart-Boai Publicity Week on Chinese Culture is Starting

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China Boai Medical Group, Dragon Mart, Chinese Culture

Dragon Mart-Boai Chinese Painting Exhibition

On December 10, 2015, “Publicity Week on Chinese Culture” will start in Dragon Mart, Saudi Arabia, which is organized by Saudi Arabia China-Invested Enterprise Association, Sino-Saudi Culture Exchange Center, and co-organized by Saudi Arabia Dragon Mart, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (Riyadh Office) of China Boai Medical Group, and joined up with Sino-Saudi Exchange Association, Sino-Saudi Economy Joint Association, Middle East Peace and Development Foundation. This “Publicity Week on Chinese Culture” is going to be held for 5 days with wonderful activities including Chinese painting exhibition, traditional Chinese craft exhibition, symposium on Chinese health maintenance, symposium of culture exchange between China and Saudi Arabia, talent show of Saudi Arabia China-Invested Enterprise Association.

Among these activities, “Dragon Mart-Boai Chinese painting exhibition”, held by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (Riyadh Office) of China Boai Medical Group and Sino-Saudi Culture Exchange Center, will show more than 30 traditional Chinese paintings, including the “Preface in Wang Xizhi’s Lanting Poetry Anthology”, “Along the River during the Qingming Festival”, “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”, “Guangzhou Eight Scenic Spots in past Dynasties”, etc. It will become the first time for Boai Chinese painting exhibition to be held in Dragon Mart, Saudi Arabia.

These activities are mainly held by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (Riyadh Office) of China Boai Medical Group. Professional doctors from Riyadh Office will give symposium on Chinese health maintenance to spread advanced medical technology and concept of Boai Group. And they will offer free medical consultation to those in need on the spot.

These activities aim at promoting traditional Chinese culture and showing the charm of long-standing Chinese culture which has five thousand years of history, and enhancing friendship between China and Saudi Arabia. It is a platform for Saudi Arabian to know about Chinese culture, promoting culture exchange between the two countries.

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