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Celebrating Christmas at your Home away from Home

Christmas party, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou,Philippines cancer patients,

“Anti-cancer Warrior” Took Photos Together

Christmas is the time where families get-together, relatives and friends from across different time zones reunite, sharing stories and joys over a cup of hot chocolate or a festive table. Yet not all are fortunate to be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones.

“Anti-cancer Warrior” Koesmintarti Prasanto shared her thoughts to us

Many cancer patients need to spend Christmas at the hospital in order to undergo their treatment. It is understandable that they yearn the warmth of their home and miss their families and friends this Christmas, that is why last December 23, 2015, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou organized a Christmas party for the in-patients from different countries.

The event started off with powerful song and dance numbers by Chinese performers in the colorful lights-filled room. Everyone was welcomed by Mr. Chen Bing the vice-president of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. In his speech, he emphasized the upcoming innovative technologies to provide a more advanced cancer treatment and aiming to have comfortable and cozy environment, safe and reliable giving the best service to cancer patients.

Liver cancer patient took photos with the performer

In 2015, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been servicing thousands of patients worldwide. In order to strengthen cancer patients’ confidence, which helps improve their mood and their health, the “Anti-cancer Warrior” awarding ceremony was conducted to promote camaraderie. Patients shared their experiences with one another, showed their perseverance and conveyed warmth and positive energy to one another.

Lucky Little Boy Got the First Prize at Christmas party

The spectacular performances-- from Sichuan Opera Changing Face, humorous magic show to vivid beat box--delighted the audience delighted the guests. The game “Hug and Hugs” heightened the Christmas party wherein patients from different countries who can’t communicate with the same language were able to interact with each other despite the language barrier.

To complete the night, Santa Claus showed up to meet and greet every patient and deliver presents and sincere wishes for their full recovery.

Joint Photo of Patients and Staffs

The night happily ended with picture-taking making them feel that they are one big family at that time. Surely, the event filled their hearts with joy and memories to keep for the years to come.

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