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Better Customer Service at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

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In April 11th, the staff of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou knocked at each door in the patients ward and gave fresh and sweet fruits to every cancer patient. Sending warm greetings of the spring season makes patients feel amaze and happy.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has set up a whole new added-value services system by establishing a Cancer Patients Club, responsible for organizing religious services, therapy sessions, diet and exercise, shopping and city tours, Chinese culture immersion activities, and other activities such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, cancer symposium, singing contest, etc. From April 11th, a change will be made in one of the value-added service of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, wherein instead of sending a fruit basket to the patient, medical staffs will send sliced fruit dishes to every cancer patient making it more convenient for the patients to eat more fruit. Though it is a small change, this shows the extra care medical staffs have for the patients. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou aspires to achieve excellence even in the smallest detail, aiming to let patient feel safe, trusted, respected, cared for and loved, making them feel like staying at home and hoping these improvements in customer service can help cancer patients build up their confidence to their treatment.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, specializes in cancer treatment, has been accredited by JCI, reinforcing its high medical standards. It offers advanced cancer technologies, and high-quality medical services, with the aim to prolong the life span and improve quality of life of cancer patients.

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