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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Held Hand Hygiene Practice Test for Staffs

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou staffs were on the hand hygiene practice test.

Staffs of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou successively had a hand hygiene practice test, in which Lin Taije, Head of Medical Abministration Department, He Liangqiong, Head of the nursing department, He Fengyu, Director of Hospital. Infection Control Department, and Xiong Yumei, Director of Customer Service Department, served as judges.

The test was divided into two parts: practice and Q&A. All testees presented hand hygiene practice in front of judges and then answered judges’ questions. Under strict discipline of the hospital, all staffs passed the test.

1. Before contact with a patient

2. Before sterile operation

3. After contact with blood, body fluids of a patient

4. After contact with a patient

5. After contact with the object or surrounding environment of a patient

As a high-ranked international medical organization, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in strict accordance with the JCI international standard required all staffs to pass and ensured their passing the hand hygiene practice test. To maintain hand hygiene and prevent infection is to be responsible to patients. “Patient satisfied, hospital succeed”, this slogan shows that all the work of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is to provide patients the most satisfying internationalized medical service.

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