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Well Prepared to Creates Miracle and Save Lives

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, emergency aid

On April 30th, Wang Bing Shi stopped the heartbeat suddenly and was sent to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Dr. Zeng, Dr. Li, Director Liu Bin, and Chief Lin, etc carried out the emergency aid. After the CPR, the heartbeat restored. Doctors and nurses from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou took emergency aid to restore the heartbeat and blood pressure and maintain his breath by respirator.

On 10 am, May 1st, Wang Bing Shi can breathe spontaneously and his condition was stable. The son of Wang Bing Shi knew that his father was stable and expressed thank-you to our medical practitioners, “ Thank you so much for saving my father’s live. You are the amazing doctors and nurses with the good skills.“

Wang Bing Shi is over 90 years old and has failure of the essential organs, such as heart. When he stayed at the ICU, his condition was ups and downs and doctors and nurse at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou spared no effect to save his live.

On 11:45am May 6th, Wang Bing Shi doesn’t need the respirator to aid the breath and ICU chief, Liu Bin, got the thumbs up from Wang Shi Bing. Chief Liu also gave a thumb-up to Wang Bing Shi and said, “ Your recovery is the best gift for us!”

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, is an international medical institute, which passed the JCI accreditation with high score. Doctors diagnose and treat patients with a high standard. Security quality is the most important task at the medical service. In order to offer a safer and better medical service, we are very careful to every detail. There are some regular trainings at the hospital such as emergency aid training, CRP training, etc, in order to provide safe and high-quality medical service.

The man over 90 has been rescued which is a miracle to us. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is well prepared to create miracle. All the medical staffs strictly follow a high standard of patient’s security and are well prepared to save live every day and night.

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