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Improve Emergency Skills to Save Life at a Critical Juncture

modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills training.

Nurse is practicing CPR under the guidance of Liao Hongmei

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Organized the Staff to Have a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Skills Train

Nurse department in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou hold a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills train for the staff to ensure that every worker in post has the ability of rescue all the time. Liao Hongmei, the nurse serves in operating room of 9th floor, demonstrated the CPR operation and explained all the details during operating from chest compressions to artificial respiration. Meanwhile, the staff asked related questions and took note while watching the demonstration.

“Sir, sir, are you ok?”, “Patient is in critical condition, needs immediate recues”, nervous calling sounds came out from the meeting room when the train began. Medical staff and rear service personnel from different departments were watching and learning. After demonstration, the staff, one by one, simulated the CPR and Liao Hongmei was nearby offering hand-holding help until their operation was completely standard.

modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills training.

Liao Hongmei is demonstrating CPR operation

CPR is one of the most common used emergency recues methods in daily life. It combines chest compression with artificial respiration to help patients to restart heart beat and spontaneous respiration and then restore vital signs. It’s reported that once cardiac arrest occurs, it will cause irreversible damage to human brain and other vital organs if without timely resuscitation recues within 4-6 minutes. Therefore, CPR should be done immediately at the sense when cardiac arrest happens.

Based on the JCI accreditation standards, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou requires that every worker should master three basic skills including CPR, hand hygiene and fire safety & operation. In order to train and steady these skills, the hospital holds periodical trains about theory and operation and simulates the real sense to improve the staff’s professional practical operation skills and resilience, etc. the hospital tries every effort to offer more satisfying medical service to patients.

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