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Cancer Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was Interviewed by Philippines Media

  On June 5th, 2012, cancer expert Xu Haitao, from Manila Office of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Boai Medical group, China, was interviewed by the local radio reporter. Dr. Xu answered the reporter's questions in detail.

  Xu Haitao pointed out that tumor is not a single disease, but a chronic disease caused by unhealthy living habits. In recent years, cancer can be treated and controlled clinically along with people’s deeper awareness of cancer and the development of diagnostic technology, but the key of which is to get early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

  When answering the reporter’s questions, Xu Haitao said that cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou come to Philippines in the hope of helping more people to better understand tumor, prevent tumor and provide advanced treatment options for tumor patients. As a large number of the patients from Philippines who are admitted into Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou have been in advanced stages, which brings not only more difficulties to the treatment but also more pain in the patients.

  Xu Haitao also pointed out that people from medicine field are aware of cancer towards a more precise direction, and the corresponding treatment methods also become more and more advanced. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou provides cancer patients with multiple international advanced treatment technologies, such as Ar-He knife, particles knife, natural therapy, photodynamic therapy and interventional embolism from local artery, which have achieved better effects on patients with middle and advanced cancer. We believe that with these advanced technologies, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can provide better medical services to Philippine patients with middle and advanced cancers, and improve their quality of life. Also, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is willing to reduce the cost of treatment in accordance with the economic condition of Philippines and to help few numbers of patients who need to be supported.

  Besides, expert Xu Haitao also mentioned that the biggest challenge in clinical treatments is not technology, but the concepts. If the patients and their families have some new awareness of cancer, such as getting rid of the views that "cancer is untreatable", it can greatly improve the patients’ quality of life. In the meantime, expert Xu also stated that regular check -up is very important for the prevention of cancer, and it is advisable to do a check-up every year. In addition, we should try to know more potential risk factors that may cause cancer, for instance, smoking, excessive drinking, irregular living habits, eating too much fried food and high fat food. We should try our best to avoid these factors mentioned above so as to prevent cancer.

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  Boai Medical group is one of the world's top 100 medical groups and the largest medical group of China. As one of the subordinate hospitals of Boai Medical Group, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has achieved a very high international reputation. Currently, with the hope to provide better services to people in Southeast Asian countries, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has established branch offices in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Kampuchea.

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