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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou organized oversea cancer patients to climb Baiyun Hill at night

  At 6:00 p.m June, 6th ,2012, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou organized totally 50 people, including oversea cancer patients and their companions, accompanied with medical personnel, to climb Baiyun Hill.

  During the trip, medical personnels and the patients encouraged each other. Soon, they arrived at the appointed place within one hour. The interpreters patiently companied the patients, answered their various questions and took pictures for them. The patients were very appreciated for their patience.

  Throughout the activity, cancer patients talked and laughed, going forward with great courage. Moved by their optimistic attitudes, we couldn't help to show our admiration. Among them, there was a father carrying his sick baby on his back during the activity. It was love that brought him to China to seek for treatment for his baby regardless of traveling far across the ocean. We believed that, with the superior technique and attentive services of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, his baby will get better and they will be able to go back home soon.

   Ready to set out at the gate of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Smile to life —— "We are the best", said the aunty from abroad

Cancer patient from Vietnam. Let's pray for him wholeheartedly

Family member of patient awarded the prize to the winner

A picture for remembrance at the top of Baiyun Hill

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