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Facing breast cancer resection, women cannot have both life and dignity of women?

Breast cancer makes women caught in endless suffering, in order to prolong life, many patients, especially with early breast cancer, are forced to make a decision of receiving breast surgery.

Actually breasts are symbol of female identity; integrate breasts are byword of female glamour, but also represent the basic dignity of women. Mastectomy can save life, but for some women, however, it is equivalent to forever loss of the dignity of women. Up to a quarter of patients suffer from depression, stand away from crowd and are unwilling to participate in social activities. They lack of self-confidence and cannot dare to swim;dare to have sports;dare to enjoy hot springs;dare to wear formal attire;dare to let their partners see their bodies.

Let health and beauty coexist - Modified radical mastectomy and breast reconstruction
In February of 2013, after Angelina Jolie(Hollywood actress)receiving prophylactic mastectomy and breast reconstruction, the medical society praised her as the most courageous and beautiful woman.
Surgery used to be the first choice for early stage breast cancer. Especially in 1960s when modified radical mastectomy newly emerged, it thoroughly cleared up the tumor lesion, only retaining the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. Thus, it removed cancer without depriving the function of upper limbs, and greatly improved the treatment effect and patients’life quality.
The use of breast reconstruction changed the result of losing breast after surgery and enabled patients to have both health and beauty at the same time.Based on the principle of “safety first, beauty second”, breast reconstruction after modified radial mastectomy is to rebuild the breast to give it a shape as natural as possible in the ways of prosthesis (an artificial breast) implantation or autologous tissue transplantation (taking tissues from other parts of patient’s body and transplant them to the breast area) according to patient’s personal condition after clearing up the cancer lesion.
Patients accepted breast reconstruction immediately after modified radical mastectomy
Patient: Katy
Age: 48
Nationality: Philippines
Stage II breast cancer with mild metastasis to underarm lymph nodes
Modified radical mastectomy
+immediate breast reconstruction
+interventional chemo
“If I had not experienced this setback caused by cancer, I would never have expected the life I am having now. Now everyday is full of meaning and I feel wonderful.” ....
Patient: Heidi
Age: 39
Nationality: Surabaya, Indonesia
Stage I breast cancer
modified radical mastectomy
+immediate breast reconstruction
+interventional chemotherapy
“Now no one can tell that I had a mastectomy. It looks more beautiful than before,” Heidi said happily pointing to her breasts, “thanks to the decision my husband made for me....
When is the best to receive breast reconstruction? Immediate reconstruction now is more popular.

When decide to reconstruct your breasts after discussing with your doctor, you may need to know the following contents: If you are suitable for breast reconstruction? When will be better for you to take the operation? Which breast reconstruction operation will be more economical, effective and suitable for you? Breast reconstruction is usually applied in the early stage of breast cancer, which can be done simultaneously when the patient is having the resection. This is called simultaneously modified radical mastectomy reconstruction, also called immediate reconstruction. It has become one of major trends of breast reconstruction. Reconstruction can also be applied in a few weeks, months or years later, which is called "delayed reconstruction”.

What methods of reconstruction can we choose?
Immediately reconstruct after implanting breast prosthesis: solve all the problems once for all and meet individual needs
Breast prosthesis implantation and breast reconstruction refers to the use of saline or silicone gel as filler that will be implanted in the lower parts of pectorales for breast reconstruction. This surgery features shorter operating time and quick recovery and can achieve excellent cosmetic results.
Autologous tissue transplantation and breast reconstruction: borrow another part of the body to achieve the natural sense of body curve
Autologous tissue transplantation and breast reconstruction refers to transplanting skin flap in the back, abdomen, hips, thighs or other parts in the chest for recreating a breast. While, the skin flap includes the skin, fat, muscle and blood vessels. Compared with breast prosthesis implantation, autologous tissue transplantation is more durable and more natural.
1. Back tissue reconstruction(recommend)
2. Abdominal tissue reconstruction
3. Buttock tissue reconstruction
Rich experience is the guarantee of surgery - Select Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Who will help patients carry out the surgery?
Dr. Wang Xin
Breast Surgery Chief Experts

1.Deputy Director of Oncology Department

2.Former Deputy director of Heilongjiang Provincial Cancer Institute of Chinese Medical Association

3.Chief Physicians, Professors and Master Instructors of Surgical Oncology

4.Attending physician of Medical Cosmetology

Until now, Prof. Wang Xin has successfully saved the life of many patients and helped breast cancer patients avoid the pain of losing their breast, which has been highly spoken of by both people in the medical field and also patients.

How to carry out postoperative care?

You have achieved the initial victory of fighting against breast cancer, and the reconstructed breasts are almost the same as before and there is not much difference.

Know precautions in the hospital and at home, including sports, travel, nutritious diet and psychological care, helping you restore the body as quick as possible.Always remember that every day of a new life is better than the day before, and scars will fade and surgery is just a memory of your past.

Hospitalization after surgery (within 2 to 4 weeks)

After all the surgery procedures finished, you may feel a little tired and pain. Doctor will give you some medicines to reduce discomfort which will gradually disappear 24~48 hours after surgery. You need to stay in hospital for 6 to 8 days. During this period, some precautions you should know as follows:

Within 48 hours, you should take liquid foods, such as milk, fruits juice, fish soup, etc

Stop smoking or secondhand smoke for nicotine causes vasoconstriction.

Reconstructed breast will have swelling which will begin to subside after one week.

Common questions and answers
  • Question 1: is there any risk since surgery and anesthesia lasting for such a long time?
  • Question 2: is there any complication after surgery?
  • Question 3: can I touch the reconstructed site?
  • Question 4: can breast reconstruction affect other breast cancer treatment?
  • Question 5: can breast reconstruction increase the risk of recurrence? Can it interfere with the diagnosis of cancer?
  • Question 6: can I have shampoo and bath after surgery, when I can resume normal life and wear bra?