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Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is one of an important tests recommended for some people who are higher risk on liver cancer. However, many liver cancer patients and their families are difficult to read due to the strong professionalism of pathological reports. In order to help people to have a better understanding of Alpha-fetoprotein, we have collated the common terms in the report for preliminary interpretation.

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1. What is Alpha-Fetoprotein?

Alpha-fetoprotein(AFP) is a protein made by the liver and yolk sac of the developing fetus and normally found in fetal blood. Usually its levels fall soon after birth. In healthy adults, AFP is present in extremely low levels. Normal adult values are not more than 20 micrograms(mg) per liter. There is around 80% liver cancer patients’ AFP significant increase, so that AFP normally use on early diagnosis.

2. Does a high level of Alpha-fetoprotein mean having liver cancer?

Alpha-fetoprotein is one of the important tests of liver cancer, but not the proprietary check for liver cancer. AFP levels could be normal in liver cancer. Some experts think that AFP is not sensitive enough to detect liver cancer in people, where liver cancer is relatively rare. A rising level of AFP is suspicious for liver cancer. If AFP more than 400μg/L is very suggestive of liver cancer.

3. What is primary liver cancer and secondary liver cancer?

Primary liver cancer starts in the cells, bile ducts, blood vessels or connective tissue of the liver.

Secondary liver cancer is when a cancer that has started in another part of the body has spread to the liver.

When APF in the medical report is abnormal, one should follow doctor’s advice and analyze other pathology report. If you want to know more about the report on liver cancer, you can make an appointment online or contact us 02-8-822122, our professional oncologists will help to answer your questions.

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