Thermal Therapy

breast cancer, thermal therapy for breast cancer

A new secret weapon to kill breast cancer cells by roasting has been widely used. It kills breast cancer cells in a very short time with high-intensity focused ultrasound. During the treatment, patients do not need anesthesia or surgery and won’t suffer any skin burn. Thermal therapy is an advanced treatment for breast cancer.

Thermal therapy can effectively inhibit cancer transfusion

Heat treatment for breast cancer is to raise the temperature or local temperature of the breast tumor to change the environment of the cancer cells and cause denat?uration and necrosis to them, thus to reach the purpose of treating cancer. Two different frequency electricity flows vertically cross in the deep human body, where interfering electric field is produced and the temperature of the cancer tissues is heated to 42.5¦ to 43.5¦. This temperature will last for more than 40 minutes, causing obstruc?tion to cancer cell growth and apoptosis to cancer cells. It not only has toxic effect on cancer cells, but also enhances the treatment effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, improve body immunity and inhibit cancer transfusion.

To kill cancer cells with high temperature

Medical scientists found that when body temperature rises, normal human body tissues will have below changes: blood vessels enlarge, blood flow accelerates and body temperature is released fast. These adjustment functions make sure that, when temperature rises, even when it rises to 42î5¦k43î5¦, no vital damage are done to the tissues. If any damage is done, they can self-repair afterwards. However, cancer tissues are quite different. The vessels of cancer varies in shapes, which are complicate, twisted, easy to be deformed under compression and form thrombus or embolism. In addition, cancer blood vessels mainly formed of monolayer cells are fragile and easy to crack down. As these new-born vessels are malformed and incompletely developed, they lose the self-adjusting functions when heated. The vein fails to quicken back-flow and blood obstruction thus happens in local cancer, where the blood flow is only 1% to 15% as much as that of normal tissues. As a result, the cancer tissues will have difficulty in releasing heat and the temperature thus rises. Usually, temperature of malignant cancer tissues is 8k10¦ higher than that of nearby normal tissues. Both local heated, the temperature of normal tissues rises to 40¦, while that of cancer body can reach 48¦. This temperature is high enough to heat the cancer cells to death without doing harm to the normal tissues. Generally, the bigger the tumor is, the less the blood flow will be, and the better effect will be gained. Endogenetic field hyperthermia system kills cancer cells by heating without affecting normal cells, and thus will not cause side-effects like inhibition to bone marrow or hair loss.

Enhance treatment effect

To treat advanced breast cancer, we can use thermal therapy. After a serous of treatments, namely surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, local fibrosis and adhesions have happened in the tumor, causing resistance to chemotherapy. Thus, the treatment is relatively limited and has poor prognosis. With direct killing effect to cells, thermal therapy can improve cancer cellso sensibility to chemotherapy medicines. Namely, it has sensitization effect on cancer cells. As cancero heat-sinking capacity is poor, thermal therapy can selectively heat the cancer cells. Local hyperthermia can inactivate the cancer enzyme, thus to inhibit the cancer. With a combination of hyperthermia and chemotherapy, the treatment will reach a clinically complementary effect.

The combination of hyperthermia and chemotherapy can improve advanced breast cancer patientso life quality and extend their lives. Meanwhile, it is bearable for patients and can completely relief some of the patientos symptoms with less side-effects. Therefore, combination of hyperthermia and chemotherapy to treat advanced breast cancer is an effective treatment method. The treatment effects of cancer rely much on early detection and early treatment. Therefore, patient should go to hospital for treatment as early as possible once has cancer and do not lose confidence.

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