Adrenal Cancer

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What is adrenal cancer?

Adrenal cancer is a malignancy starts in adrenal gland. As an important endocrine organ, adrenal gland is just next to kidney. Though it is small, it is very important to the whole body’s circulation.

While the tumor develops in the adrenal gland is quite different in size. Normally, a tumor in adrenal gland with a diameter less than 3cm is a small tumor. According to the records, the smallest one can be less than 1 cm and a bigger one can reach to 10-30 cm.

Also, the shapes of adrenal tumor are various. It may look like a bean, a peach, a plum, an apple, Hami melon, etc.

The incidence of adrenal cancer is high and keeps increasing year by year. Meanwhile, when a case develops to late stage, it will be more difficult for the doctors to perform treatments.

Types of adrenal cancer

Adrenocortical cancer:As a malignancy develops in adrenal cortex, it is rare to see. It not only destroys normal adrenal tissues, but also encroaches on adipose tissue around, as well as the kidney on the same side.

What causes adrenal cancer?

Currently the cause of adrenal cancer is still unclear. But it is thought to be related to the risk factors below:

Adrenal tuberculosis Chronic hypoadrenia, which develops after treatment for adrenal tuberculosis, would cause adrenal cancer.

Auto-immunologic derangementAtrophy of adrenal cortex, arising of sudden autoimmune disorder is thought to be the most common cause of adrenal cancer.

Metastatic cancerMetastases from other malignancies to adrenal gland take up 26%-50% of all adrenal cancer. For example, late stage gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer or melanoma may cause metastatic adrenal cancer.

Clinical symptoms of adrenal cancer

The diagnostic methods for adrenal cancer

Treatments for adrenal cancer

Nursing methods of adrenal cancer

Keep a positive attitude;

Patient should keep a positive mind and be confident to come over the disease;

Have a good rest;

Patient shall avoid strenuous physical activities. Generally a patient should have follow-up every 6 months.

Have a balanced and light diet;

Patients should avoid diets that are too salty (including preserved food), too spicy and irritating (like pepper, alcohol, shrimp, crab, etc.), or are polluted (such as rotten, leftover).

For patients who also suffering from renal inadequacy and uremia, they should keep away from beans and bean products, and the intake of greasy food shall be limited.

Positively prevent from infection;

In order to avoid renal inadequacy occurrence, blood pressure should be under controlled at the same time.

The above mentioned items are some daily nursing methods for adrenal cancer. Good daily nursing care can make the habilitation much easier and faster  for adrenal cancer patients.

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