Eye Cancer

What Is Eye Cancer?

Eye cancer is a relatively rare malignancy which occurs in the eyes. It can be divided into eyelid cancer and intraocular cancer according to the sites. Generally, it occurs in a single eye first and subsequently spread to another eye. Its incidence varies in different age.

What Are the Causes of Eye Cancer?

Eye cancer is usually caused by genetic factors or genetic mutations of the patients themselves. Other predisposing factors may include: achromia at the margin of the eyelid; long-tern sun exposure, especially for intense UV radiation; malnutrition and so on.

How to Prevent Eye Cancer?

1. There is no measure to protect children from eye cancer, but pregnant women can pay attention to a healthy diet and avoid radiation, so as to protect the fetus from the cancer.

2. Normal adults should pay more attention to eye health and go to hospital for regular eye examination.

What Are the Symptoms of Eye Cancer?

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What Are the Treatments for Eye Cancer?

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