Testicular Cancer

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What is testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer is malignant cancer that starts in the testicular tissues and caused by the cancerization of testicular cells. It is mainly divided into two types, namely, seminomas and non-seminomas.

What are the incidence and survival rate of testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer is clinically rare and only accounts for 2 percent of all male malignant cancers. Its risk group is from 20 to 40 years old. Clinical treatment effect of testicular cancer is evident, with which 5-year survival rate can reach 95%, even higher.

What are the risk factors of testicular cancer?

Dietary habit: long-term intake of foods grew or fed with hormonal materials.

Characteristic factors: study has proved that people who are introverted and long-term depressive have high risk of testicular cancer.

Environment factors: air pollution, machinery radiation (such as computer, induction cooker, microwave, cell phone), noise, and so on.

Hereditary factors: study proved that hereditary factors are related to testicular cancer.

What are the signs of testicular cancer?

What are the diagnosis methods of testicular cancer?

Traditional treatment methods for testicular cancer

What is the postoperative care for testicular cancer patients?

Dietary care Testicular cancer patients should take in more foods high in calories, protein and vitamin, and avoid smoking, drinking and stimulating foods.

Mental care Help the patient establish a unswwerving belief to fight against cancer, help them get rid off depression, pay attention to their mental activities, care about them and listen to them.

Life care. Pay attention to the nursing of the patients’ skin, clean their skin with warm water daily, help them roll over regularly, and massage their arms and legs.

Pay attention to the environment. Keep the room clean, quiet and full of fresh air and maintain proper temperature and humidity.

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