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Proper Diet Can Promote the Effect of Liver Cancer Treatment

  Liver, as a significant organ of human, especially plays an important role on human digestive system; therefore getting liver cancer must do harm to the function of digestive system. One must take attention to the diet which has direct effect to the physical condition of liver cancer patients.

liver cancer, diet of liver cancer

  1. Stewed duck with coix seed

  Materials: duck 1.5kg, coix seed 250g, ground pepper 1.5g, salt 5g and monosodium glutamate 1.5g;

  Procedure: stew them in a pot for 1.5 hours around.

  Indications: physical weakness and energy depression caused by liver cancer.

  2. Pear porridge

  Materials: 5 pears, rice 100g;

  Procedure: wash and cut up pears, add some water and boil them in a pot with small fire for half hour; then throw away pear pieces, add the washed rice and poach them into porridge.

  Indications: anorexia due to body fluid shortage caused by liver cancer.

  3. fig porridge

  Materials: fig 30g, rice 50g and some rock sugar.

  Procedure: wash and boil the rice into porridge, put the figs before the porridge is done, add some sugar at last.

  Indications: cough and sore throat, etc

  4. Cooked rice with coix seed and mushroom

  Materials: rice 250g, coix seed 50g, mushroom 50g, oil tufu 3pieces, green beans half small bowl, some salt and oil.

  Procedure: wash the rice and coix seed; soak mushroom in the warm water, filter and reserve this water; cut the mushroom and oil tofu into pieces; blend the rice, coix seed, mushroom, oil tufu in a big bow with the reserved water, add some salt and oil, put the green beans on the surface and at last steam them.

  Indications: Cough and physical weakness of patients with liver cancer.

  Oncologist from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminded us that proper diet can promote the treatment effect of liver cancer; however, one cannot rely on the diet only and should go to a regular hospital for treatment.

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