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Sexual life is possible to prevent ovarian cancer

  Cancer specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou said that, healthy sexual life not only can promote the love between a couple and harmonies of family, but also can help to prevent cancer, especially ovarian cancer. Is that true?

  Recently, the medical specialists of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou found that in a biological test, there is an important antibiotic substance called semen fibrinolysin in semen, which is a protein with special functions. Once it goes in bacteria can stop the synthesis of RNA(ribonucleic acid) of bacteria. RNA is a biological material necessary in protein construction, the bacteria cannot survive if its synthesis is stopped. It is found in lab culture that semen fibrinolysin can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus and other pathogenic bacteria like penicillin, streptomycin and tetracycline do.

  It is same as what Korean scientists found, healthy sexual life can effectively keep female from ovarian cancer. The scientists extracted the three active ingredients containing the mineral matters like zinc from semen and separately inject these ingredients to the culture solution of epithelial ovarian cancer cells and common ovary cells. The death rate of ovarian cancer cells reached 81% in merely 48 hours while for normal cells is 37%.

  There is also reported that, specialists performed gynecologic examinations on the females who have 1 or 2 times harmonious sexual like each week and found that, those 100 couples who have been married over 30 years, the chance for wives to develop vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis and other gynecological diseases is only 10%, which is greatly lower than the females without healthy sexual life. Go further to the cause is that once or twice a week, those women with healthy and harmonious sexual life have the semen regularly from their husband to sterilize from vagina, cervix, and uterus to oviduct finally.

  From this, the reason why the normal sexual life can help woman to prevent diseases is contributed to semen from male.

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