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Long-term Fatigue would cause cancer, how should we do?

  Why cancers easily develop on the fatigue people? According to researches, when human body stays in the status of overwork and mental tension can result in decrease of immunity and mutation of cancer genes, finally, cancer occurs. And lymphoma is one of the cancers easily caused from fatigue.

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  Specialist from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminds you that, long-term fatigue would cause cancer

  First: slight fatigue

  You would feel slight fatigue, and as the the oxygen we breathe reduce, oxygen concentration and sugar in blood decrease that human body will develop some signs, such as frequent yawns.

  Solution: deep breathing. Try to take about 5 times of deep breathing and have little sweet foods, the condition will improve.

  Second: lack of power

  During this phase, you feel heavy of your body because of insufficiency of oxygen and nutrition in muscles or tissues of internal organs.

  Solution: do some easy physical exercise. Easy physical exercise can stretch the rigid parts of body to enable blood circulation recover to normal. You may have to take the physical exercise for 10~20 minutes constantly to reach that effect.

  Third: emotional restlessness

  You will feel like exhausted and easily get angry or restlessness. You skin is dull and the rigidity of neck, shoulder, back and lumber becomes serious too. You would also have the symptoms like hard to fall sleep, waist pain when laying on bed, snoring or teeth grinding in sleep.

  Solution: it is important to relieve the fatigue first. Try to warm up your body, such as have a hot bath and ensure enough sleep. Do some relaxing physical exercise to promote the circulation of blood. Don’t take any pain killer or sleeping pills, since frequent medication would get your sympathetic nerves more excited that you may be caught in a vicious circle.

  The last: internal changes

  Normally this stage means your body is already sick, the diseases you may suffer include pain in shoulders, back, lumber and other parts, whelks, oral ulcer, prodontosis, gastritis, constipation or losing appetite and other symptoms. Some severe cases can even have mild lypemania.

  Solution: Have enough sleep and keep warm of body. Or you can have some easy physical exercises for about one week to come back to a regular life and recover to healthy status.

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