Symposiums Series on Cancer Information
Symposiums series on cancer information are held by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou frequently every year, which aims to help people get away from cancer by inviting international oncologists to explain cancer knowledge and introduce latest anti-cancer technology.
Theme: End Cancer with Minimally Invas
  • ● Venue: Cebu City
  • ● Date: May 18, 2018 (Saturday)
  • ● Speaker: Dr. Christopher Lim
  • ● Introduction: On May 18, an expert consultation entitled “End Cancer with Minimally Invasive Therapy” will be held to help more Filipino cancer patients. Dr. Christopher Lim, a local licensed medical doctor in the Philippines, will
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Theme: Anticancer Warrior Experience Sharing
Date: Nov. 24, 2018

For the coming Thanksgiving day, a patients gathering titled “Anticancer Warrior Experience Sharing” will be held in Manila on Nov. 24. If you are battling cancer and want to connect with someone with a similar diagno

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Theme: Remote Consultation on Cancer Treatment
Date: Dec.8, 2018

A remote consultation will be held on Dec. 8th in Cebu to help more Filipino cancer patients, if you are not satisfied with the previous treatment and wants to receive an ideal treatment solutions from authoritative oncol

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