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China Boai Medical Group was founded in 1989, is a large-scale modern group whose leading industries include medical investment, hospital management and clinical care services, also the largest Medical Investment Group in China. China Boai Medical Group not only owns worldwide 14 regions and over hundreds of medical institutions like Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Shenzhen Humanity Hospital, Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital, and Changsha Yangguang Hospital, but also has the first Chinese Medical Portals Website – The Group employs a total of tens of thousands of people, and has been among the global top100 medical groups.


Boai Medical Group lives up to the motto of "endless view, limitless wisdom, boundless mind” and takes the divine mission of “being the founder of the world's largest medical Enterprise Group to devote most satisfied medical services for human-beings". The Group has been devoting continuous effects towards this goal. The Group combines frontier, experience and humanity of medicine together, brings together both abroad and domestic medical talents, introduces worldwide first-class technologies and equipments to carry out various kinds of special medical service projects and actively participate in academic exchanges with WHO, domestic and foreign well-known hospitals, research institutes and institutions of higher learning, etc.


China Boai Medical Group believes that we should not just save lives, but also stand on a higher perspective to spread more health-related knowledge to people. What’s more, the whole process of Boai Medical Services shall reflect the human spirits of respecting patients, caring about patients, providing conveniences for patients and serving patients. China Boai Medical Group is convinced that only by constantly moving forward, the Group can continue to grow, tens of thousands of medical elites will unite the Group together to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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