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Contrast of Cancer Therapies

Traditional Cancer Treatment, brings cancer patients great pain and suffering

Operation: high risk, big trauma

Big incision brought by operation

Operation is one of the major traditional cancer treatments. However, for most cancer patients, because of the insidious symptoms of early stage cancer and the limitations of examinational means, their tumor has reached middle or advanced stage when they are diagnosed. They are too weak to bear the harm and damage brought by operation. The disadvantages of operation include:

1. High Risk: operative accidents are very common.

2. Big Trauma: traditional long incision, which is over 10cm and brings a big scar.

3. Huge Pain: open surgery brings big incision, which brings patient pain, soreness and numbness.

4. Slow Recovery: patients after operation recover slowly, because operation brings big incision, which may not only result in damage to muscle, vessel and nerves, but also infections and complications.

5. More Bleeding: traditional operation brings large volume of bleeding; problems like infections, fat liquefaction and wound dehiscence are always inevitable.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy result in hair losing

Radiotherapy: great toxic side effects

Here is the principle of radiotherapy: focusing on the tumor, radiography equipments give high dose of radiographic exposure to the tumor to inhibit and growth of cancer cells. However, radiotherapy brings great harm and side effects to cancer patients. Moreover, most cancer patients can not undergo long term radiotherapy. The disadvantages of radiotherapy include:

1. Radiotherapy cannot identify normal healthy cells from cancer cells; as a result, radiotherapy kills both cancer cells and healthy cells. When the tumor is exposed to the radioactive rays, the surrounding tissues are also affected.

2. Great toxic side effects: radiotherapy is of great toxic side effect, which results in damage to the healthy tissues and decline in immunity.

3. Lots of complications and sequelae: patients after radiotherapy may suffer from sequelae like weakness, hair losing and anemia, etc.

4. Great damage to human body, slow recovery. Radiotherapy kills both healthy and cancer cells, which brings great damage to the body and immune system. As a result, patients are too weak to fight against the invasion of other disease.

Systemic chemotherapy: great toxic side effects

Systemic chemotherapy injects chemotherapy drugs into human body via intravascular injection, and then the chemotherapy drugs reach the tumor through blood circulation. In other words, chemotherapy drugs take effects in every tissue and cell in human body. Therefore, systemic chemotherapy brings great damage to human body, results in damage to the immune system and a series of complications, such as decline in leukocytes, blood platelet and immune function, bloody urine, as well as hair losing and vomiting.

Minimally Invasive Therapy breaks through traditional treatments, brings Cancer Patients New Hope with Few Side Effects

In Southeast Asia, because of the fear of the harm of traditional treatments, many cancer patients refuse to take operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, some even give up treatment. Except for operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, is there any better treatments for cancer patients? The answer is “Yes”, definitely. In recent years, with the continuous development of minimally invasive therapy, more and more cancer patients see hope of life from minimally invasive therapies, such as interventional therapy, cryotherapy, biological immunotherapy, etc. Compared with traditional treatments, minimally invasive therapy has gained good reputation and trust form numerous cancer patients due to its advantages of small trauma, few toxic side effects, quick recovery and good efficacy. So far, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has successfully helped numerous cancer patients prolong their life, relieve their pain and improve their living quality via performing minimally invasive therapies.

*With the Help of Cryotherapy, I broke the prophecy of death

Cryotherapy: small trauma, less complications, prevent recurrence of tumor

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou adopts the international advanced technologies—cryotherapy to treat cancer. With the principle of “super cold + heat”, the temperature is controlled by the argon and helium to destroy the tumor or destroy the tumor blood vessels to cut off the oxygen supply and kill cancer cells.

Taking cryotherapy, patients no need to undergo surgery but can get better efficacy. Cryotherapy not only reduces the risks and complications of operation and monitors the whole process and results, but also has the advantages of no restriction of anesthesia. Cryotherapy now has been used in many cases, it saved numerous patients and gained good efficacy.

The advantages of cryotherapy:

1. Reduces the risk of metastasis of cancer cells;

2. No surgery, brings few damage to normal tissues and patients can take it for many times.

3. Less bleeding, quick recovery;

4. Locally removes tumor tissue, stimulates body’s immunity, prevents the recurrence of liver cancer;

5. Less invasion and damage to the normal liver tissue.

6. No toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

*With the help of Interventional Therapy, My Tumor Disappeared

Interventional therapy: with a 1-2mm incision, precisely kills cancer cells

Interventional therapy is a mini-invasive therapy performed under the guidance of medical imaging equipments. With a 1-2 millimeter incision, paracentesis could be performed with the lead of medical imaging equipment. Then a special tube, catheter or other sophisticated apparatus are introduced to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, so as to cut off the tumor’s blood supply and reach the effect of local chemotherapy without any toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

The advantages of interventional therapy:

1. Significant effect; interventional therapy reaches the double effect of killing cancer cells and starving cancer cells to death.

2. Small trauma and invasion, quick recovery

3. Local anaesthesia; avoid the risk of general anaesthesia

4. Strong targeting, drugs only take effects on the tumor and tumor blood.

5. Local application, few toxic side effects and complications

Particle Implantation

Particle Implantation: particles are directly implanted into the tumor to kill cancer cells

The Advantages of particle implantation:

1. Particles only take effect inside the tumor, so it will not bring harm to other normal tissues;

2. 180 days’ sustained radiation kills cancer cells precisely

3. Small trauma and quick recovery

4. Few side effects and complications

*Biological immunotherapy helps me fights against Breast Cancer Cells

Biological Immunotherapy: improves human immunity, prolongs survival time.

Biological Immunotherapy can not only kill cancer cells, remove the residual disease, prevent the recurrence and metastasis of tumor, but also can restore and rebuild patients’ immune system and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. There is no rejection reaction occurs in that the immune cells are extracted from the patient, so it is safe and with no side effects. Therefore, it is suitable for cancer patients to take it. Moreover, combining with interventional therapy, cryotherapy and other minimally invasive therapies, patients can get better efficacy.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou brings new hope for cancer patients in that we have many kinds of immunotherapy, like biological immunotherapy, multidisciplinary joint-cell immunotherapy, ACTL cancer cells targeted therapy, etc.

The advantages of biological immunotherapy:

1. Small trauma and pain, few toxic side effects:

Since immune cells are extracted from the patient, so there are no rejection actions and no toxic side effects to normal cells and human body.

2. Killing cancer cells widely

Kill cancer cells widely and strongly, and cryotherapy is suitable to treat various kinds of cancers, including those tumors that are not suitable to take operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

3. Treating cancer thoroughly

Immune cells activates human immune function, kills cancer cells thoroughly, lowers the risk of recurrences and metastasis and improves the clinical cure rate.


Nanoknife: Nanoknife is a brand-new cutting-edge ablation technology for tumor treatment. It breaks the membrane of tumor cells with high voltage pulses from electrode probes, resulting in multiple irreversible nano-meter electroporated holes, which is applicable to pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and other solid tumor treatments.

The Advantages of Nanoknife:

1. Short ablation duration

2. Safe and controllable treatment process

3. Distinct border of ablation area

4. Reservation of vein, nerve and other normal tissues

5. Rapid recovery of ablation zone

6. Adaptable to more complicated condition

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